I Masturbated with Lube for the First Time

I masturbated with lube for the first time and it felt great!

You might be interested to know that I have a very strange relationship with lube and have never used it while masturbating. Like, ever.

It’s the same feeling I get from using penetrative sex toys, I kind of clam up, shut off and it kind of gives me the iks.

I most certainly do use lube for anal mischief and some other sex play but going solo I never have. So when I met Kathie from Into The Wylde at Eroticon last year, I was fascinated by her story. She is a medical herbalist and has suffered from chronic thrush for many years of her life. I wrote about my own thrush experience here and at my Ruby Glow site. Kathie has dedicated her career to helping women and vulva owners to overcome the condition and is looking to develop products so they can embrace and enjoy their sexuality again. One of these products is her new lube Wylde One, it was in the development stages at the time of Eroticon and I said I’d be interested in being a tester when it came out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried lots of lubes out, rubbing them on my hand and as I mentioned, during butt stuff, but as I’m super sensitive about what goes near my fanny, I really wanted to break this psychological block I have about using lube on it.

One of the reasons I think I feel odd about lube and vaginal wetness in general is because I was never told about natural female response to sexual desire and arousal. It was never explained to me that women got wet. I have always masturbated for pleasure my whole life, but as it was a quick clitoral rub, through my pants most time, there was never any sort of internal exploration to find this out for myself.

The first time I was aware of getting wet was when I was kissing a boy up against a fence at the bus stop (classy) and he put his hands between my legs and started rubbing me through my leggings. I froze in horror as I realised I must have peed myself as a damp sensation was spreading through my crotch. I ran home and hid, contemplating if I could get my mum to move to a different country with me.

I wonder if this shame around natural lubrication is the thing that makes me freeze and falter when it comes to using lube.

Gawd, sex education (and lack of) has a lot to answer for!

So, because I’d volunteered to be a tester for Wylde One by Into the Wylde, I took my mission very seriously. I had the bottle for a few weeks, taking it out every now and then and rubbing it on my skin, it feels silky and has just the right amount of viscosity, it takes a long time to finally absorb and never gets sticky or clumpy. So far, so impressed! But could I get over myself and use it on my foof?

Well, when Kathie emailed and said the launch was on Easter Monday, I had to go for it!

fingertips shown with a coating of lubrication

On Saturday afternoon, I got myself in the mood with some erotica and porn then thought about what toy I’d try. I knew I didn’t want to feel my fingers skating over the slippery folds of flesh first, that felt too intense in my mind, so I chose my new prototype form Ruby Glow Blush as it’s literally my go to toy at the moment (sorry I can’t say much more than that but some of you had a preview at Sh  in March so you might understand why I chose it) it’s not too girthy and has curves in all the right places. I also brought out my penguin satisfier which I usually only use in the shower – it is an air suction toy that suckles on your clit – usually resulting in a squirt! So I thought these two toys would be good to get an idea of the lube.

I basically sat on the loo (again, I’m classy), squirted some Wylde One lube into my fingers, opened my legs and labia and applied. I was tense I’m not gonna lie. But only for a second. It felt fine! In fact, it felt more than fine. It felt silky and sexy and just as lush as it had on my skin elsewhere.

I used to get UTIs all the time so I did flinch when the lube spilled from my clit to my vagina passing my urethra on the way. However, Kathie had explained very carefully that Wylde One lube is very carefully PH balanced, body and toy safe which eased my mind a lot. I relaxed quickly and started to rub in the lube until the tips of my fingers probed into my vagina, feeling the silky fluid mingle with my own. It felt totally natural.

I know this seems like rather a huge blog and explanation for just using a bit of lube, but this was quite a profound experience for me. And even better, it was exciting too! I reached for my toys, switching on my Ruby Glow Blush and testing it over my slippery clit. I quite like the drag of dry skin on my clit but this felt gorgeous, so slippery, and silky. It was quite a new sensation for me.

I know most of you reading this will be lube lovers already – but the fear of my fingers or toy being to slippery and dunting my clit at the wrong angle had me very squeamish about it – but guess what? That didn’t happen!! (I know you know that already :D)

It was lovely and I found myself being more exploratory, even allowing the toy to dip inside every now and then, and that was lovely!

I think I have work to do before I can relax and let go fully, I had a lovely time but stopped short of orgasming, enjoying instead to feel the moment of something new without pressuring myself to orgasm too.

That will come though I’m sure!

I want to thank Kathie for giving me the opportunity to try out this lube. I bet she didn’t expect it to be such a big deal for me 😀 Congratulations on the launch of Wylde One! This is not a sponsored post btw!

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7 thoughts on “I Masturbated with Lube for the First Time

  1. Huh. You’re a complex woman, no question.

    I think it’s always better with, but I grew up in Ireland where it just wasn’t a thing. You know how Americans talk about ‘lotion’ for hand jobs all the time – of course when I was growing up, no one ever talked about female masturbation at all)? We that advanced.

    I’m out just too lazy to root it out, then clean it up after. But did, i think it heightens sensation, feels more comfortable – and I wish I’d learned to use it during sex, I have to admit, for Reasons.

    1. Yes, again, the old, never being told about female masturbation *eyeroll* I’m interested how you then found out about it at all?
      Thanks for noticing I’m complex 😀 ah ahhahahahahaaa

  2. Lube for me is a must in most of what I do. I also use vibrators through panties, especially the Original Magic Wand or the le Wand. Anything particularly powerful goes through my panties. I’d like to try this lube and I’m glad you had a good experience with it! And yasss queen, with the orgasm. I enjoy masturbation and sex even more now that I’ve decided, and made it clear to my partner, that I don’t need to come every time!

    Here’s my Masturbation Monday post: https://onherback.com/2020/04/14/masturbation-monday-my-reviewing-process/

    Thanks so much for writing this!


  3. Lube is such an underrated toy. I think a lot of people see it either as unnecessary for them, or as a slightly medicinal thing – but it’s not. It brings so much pleasure in and of itself.

  4. I love that you shared this with all of us. So I still have never masturbated with lube (partly because I have masturbated in ages — which I really need to actively deal with at some point) but also because (when I did masturbate) I became so wet that I never felt the need. But I know my body is changing (thanks to age, hormones, and who knows what else) because JB and I *have* to use lube for penetrative sex, every time. And while I don’t have the issues with specific products on my vulva like you’ve described, I do wonder how I’ll feel when I finally masturbate with lube.

    1. Wow thank you so much for your comment Kayla! I think my own lack of use is definitely to do with not being educated on my own sexual response and what to expect. AGRGGRHGH!! And yes, just when you feel you’re getting to grips with it all, your body changes and different hormones come into play 😀 x x x

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