Merry Sexy Christmas!

Excuse me but, WHAT? Christmas? Sexy Christmas? ALREADY????

I’m reeling – I feel like I’ve only written three posts this year and one was last year’s sexy Christmas wish 😀 FFS…

Bringing you goodies for a sexy Christmas!

cover for Mis'a Books a ghostly obsession by Tabitha Rayne for sexy ghost story

Please take a look over on the Youtube – I’m sharing chapters of my latest audiobook, Mia’s Books as exciting installments where I read to you on camera… it took ages… might not happen again! And I’ve only uploaded to chapter 8 so far, but guess what? The full audiobook is out now!

You know Barbie got around this year… well… here she is demonstrating…

New Products!

This year, on my sex toy site, I unveiled my new range called Ruby Glow Rides – art inspired grinders for you to wrap your lovely selves around! Take a peak in case you missed them… with glorious branding from Hazel Mead, I’m fair away with them.

Barbie demonstrating Edinburgh sex toy company Ruby Glow's ride on sex toys and grinders for sexy Christmas blog

Another professional highlight for me this year was to see my invention, Ruby Glow Blush star in an erotic movie of the VERY SAME NAME over at FrolicMe ethical porn site. You might know I edit the short stories and magazine over there, so you can imagine my absolute joy when Anna revealed she’d made a scene featuring my toy and called the movie Ruby Glow.

movie poster with a lady in raptures with Ruby Glow starring Nikki Dream - Lights, camera, ACTION! For sexy Christmas blog

Sexy Christmas indeed! Guess what, if you’re looking for an extra special gift for yourself or a lover this year, yes you are cutting it close, buy a voucher for full access to the most GORGEOUS erotica and hot female friendly ethical porn, Anna is doing a great deal on membership. Go quick! You’ll have the sexy Christmas of your dreams watching those…

There’s so much more I’m sure, but you’ll be wanting to get back to your eggnog ad cherry liqueurs I’m sure!

If you need some spicy books for your new reader, check out my full book list for some hot steamy erotic romance.

Wishing you a very Sexy Christmas and a BELTER of a Hogmanay!

Oh I KNEW there was another thing! Speaking of Hogmanay, that’s reminded me – another audiobook out this year, with a gorgeous Scottish narrator to bring badboy Archie MacDonald to life!

Tossing his Caber

Was she ready for these Highland Games?

A Sexy Highland Romp with spankings-a-plenty – BUY NOW!

female legs climbing stairs with a short red kilt with text: Tossing His Caber, Was she ready for these Highland Games? By Tabitha Rayne sexy Highlander audiobook cover

Love, Tabitha x x x

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