26 thoughts on “Seams

  1. You put the ring on *after* the stockings, right?

    Tabitha, you're a ridiculously gorgeous woman. Phenomenal picture.

  2. fabulous!!!!!! – very jealous of your ability to bend over like that AND get the seams of your stockings straight…main reason I've never tried them
    BMN xx

    1. Thank you! Though, I took a closer look and say that they are not straight at all! You should try – they're really fun and make you feel fab x x

  3. Legs. Oh, my goodness, those legs! And the stockings … Seams are an absolute favourite of mine. Seriously, seriously hot stuff – especially that little peek of your face between your knees.

    To die for.

    Jane xxx

    1. Aww thank you Jane x x – seams do make you feel amazing don't they? I especially love the light ones with dark seems, they're very vampish x xx

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