Knickerless Girls Shouldn’t Climb Trees

Knickerless Girls Shouldn’t Climb Trees – A Masturbation Monday post

Oh my goodness – the photo prompt this week from Molly Moore is just fantastic and I couldn’t let Masturbation Monday pass without joining in! Hope this sets you up for the day 🙂


Image by Molly Moore



Knickerless Girls Shouldn’t…

“And just what makes you think it’s all right to enter to your place of work with a completely naked rear?”

“I, I thought you’d instructed me not to wear my knickers, Sir.”

“I instructed you not to wear those common thong knickers, as well you know.”

“But I’m not wearing them.” Tamara said meekly but the devil was lurking and before she could stop herself, she added, “As well you know…”

He paused briefly and as she was facing away from him, Tamara could only guess at his expression. He started moving towards her again.

“This defiance cannot go unpunished.”

She could feel his bodyheat as he approached.

His breath was creeping up her nape and he whispered close, “Can it?”

Tamara trembled as his delicious words curled down into her ear, drawing arousal from every nerve ending. It was making weak and her knees trembled, legs wobbling in her high heels. She gripped the back of the stool to steady herself and braced for what was to come.

“I asked you a question.”

“Oh,” Tamara hesitated, “I don’t know.” And Tamara really didn’t. She hadn’t been deliberately defiant in not wearing any knickers but she had to concede that yes, she had been by answering back. It just all felt a bit strange. Though one thing was sure, as he reached around from behind and placed a large hand over hers, Tamara wanted to feel the sting of those hands on her backside.

He squeezed her fist and pressed himself into her hip where she could feel his erection jut up against her.

“I do,” he whispered, “I do know. I know why you talked back to me in that way and it’s because you want this as much as I do. You want me to take you in hand and take control. I can feel it in you.”

His voice was soft and reassuring, as if he was setting some guidelines out. Or letting her know how things could be if she wanted it. This wasn’t part of the role, this was the pre match talk. Or the instruction brief.

“By letting me master this part of you, you are not diminished in any part of your life, professional or otherwise. Nothing will change. You will still be the powerful respected business woman you are.” Then he leaned in and kissed her on the neck just under her ear sending spine tingling electricity through her whole body.

Tamara felt he was waiting for something. It was her acquiescence. Excitement bubbled in her chest as she realised what she was about to agree to. She nodded silently.

He whispered one more thing, “I just can’t bear not to strike your perfect arse and have you shut your filthy disrespectful mouth for one minute.” Then the atmosphere shifted.

He straightened up behind her and turned her to face the table.

A bead of sweat tricked down between Tamara’s shoulder blades as he bade her put her palms on the oak.

“You will bend over and present your rear to me for atonement for your disrespect.”

Tamara slid her forearms forward and her torso followed, her breasts touching the cold wood through her blouse and lacy bra. She shivered and let her body settle into place, wishing she’d opened her buttons and bared her tits.

The weight of his palm pressed down onto her upper back as he brushed the other over her bottom. Her skirt was still hitched up but not enough apparently, and he reached up under the hem and tugged it over her buttocks. Her suspenders bit into her flesh a little and she rocked back to increase the sensation. It was wonderful. Her chin was on the table, forcing her head up and her arms and hands suddenly felt like they should be gripping something. She flailed them about, looking for anything to grab hold of and only managed to knock over a salt shaker. She heard him tut behind her and it was followed by a brisk slap to her bottom where it met the top of her thigh.

Perfect. Just enough bite and sting to make her jump but not enough to have her regretting this decision.

“If you can’t keep still, I will have to restrain you, Ms Davidson,” he stated so matter-of-factly that Tamara thought she’d misheard.


She twisted her head to ask him if she’d heard him correctly when her hand connected with the pepper pot this time and sent it shattering on the floor. He had undone his tie before all the pieces stopped scattering.

“I see. Restraint it is.”

“What?” Tamara was shocked but the arousal flying though her chest and crotch was  thrilling.

“You know.” He came to far side of the table, wrapping the tie around his hand. “Now, let’s see,” he said while surveying the best place to secure her.

Tamara gasped as he wound the silk tie around her wrists and pulled her body taut, snapping the binding as if testing it for strength.

He ducked down under the table and when he stood up, she was held in place.

“I trust that you will behave now.”



And there you have it! No prizes for guessing what came next… (or who 😉 )

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  1. Sometimes being sassy pays off and sometimes it doesn’t but when it does then everyone has a good time


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