Dear Dolly

Dear Dolly – a Jolene Fanfic piece

I was a guest on All About Dating – a brilliant new Podcast with Jade and Jane, dating experts from Glasgow and it was so fun – we talked all things erotica and sex toys. Do take a listen and definitely subscribe! They are a duo to look out for.

I had to suggest a song to add to their Show’s Spotify list… we talked about my choice and why I think Dolly had it all wrong.

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Sex talk with the girls

I’ve long wanted to write some Jolene fanfic so here’s my ode to Dolly and my fave song.

It is a bit on the down beat so be sure to listen to the actual song and the podcast to cheer yourself up afterwards! 😀

Dear Dolly,

That song ruined me.

You tore me inside out with your beautiful deadly lyrics.

Her voice is soft like summer rain

My voice is wretched and scratched from sobbing

Flaming locks of auburn hair

My hair, like the rest of me is brittle and grey

Ivory skin…

Oh how you made me feel with those words as they snaked into my mind.

Eyes of emerald green

Your beautiful words.

I coveted them

You made me feel there might have been a chance…

My skin… oh my skin, yes it was quite lovely back then.

But Dolly, you got it all wrong.

Your man was never the one I wanted to take.

A snoring, sleep talking creature that made you think he’d cheat?

On you?

A Goddess?

No, no.

My smile that was once like a breath of spring, was never for him.

It is now a hoarse creak of winter.

It’s the frosty bite of unrequited love.

It’s you Dolly.

It was always you.

You are right about one thing though,

I will never understand what he means to you Dolly.


Forever and always yours,

Jolene x x

Listen to All About Dating now! It’s a bit more upbeat than my Jolene fanfic 😀

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