This post has been
inspired by 2 things – firstly Cara Sutra’s gorgeous Fetish Friday post – read it here  – I too am a stocking lover, wearer and

They are my ultimate

for making me feel confident and saucy – my favourite state
😀 There’s nothing like being in a business meeting knowing that
slight grip on your thigh is your lacy stocking top. I have hundreds
of stockings – all in complete disarray. It takes me ages to find a
matching pair and I collect them as I go.

I used to favour the traditional style with suspenders, I was a bit of a purist about
it– but one day, I laddered my last one and had to use my reserve
pair of hold ups – yikes! It always struck me that to have a band
of elastic around the fleshiest part of your thigh would look
unsightly – pale juicy flesh bulging over the top with even the
most svelte of legs not getting away with it. And horror of horrors, what if they fell down unnoticed until they flapped about around the
ankles being dragged through puddles like the white socks and sandals
of childhood – I can still feel the weight and slap of wet socks
hanging out through the toes of ill fitting footwear. Can you? Ugh!
And so with reluctance, I pulled them on.
Wow – amazing! They
stayed up beautifully and all day – and felt more secure than
usual. I’m afraid I’m hooked.
One of the lovely
things about wearing suspenders is that a trained eye will know you
have them on – someone who knows to look out for those vertical
lines over your bottom cheeks… So perhaps that is the one sacrifice
of the hold-ups – the secret stays firmly with the lady 😉
Oh and I like big
pants. Bring back the VPL – that is my mission! I adore seeing
ladies bums in tight jeans with the knicker elastic sculpting a shape
beneath. Bring back 70’s bottoms!
To me, thongs are the
Anyhoo – I must dash
– the second thing that inspired this stocking post is that I’m off
to the ETO to hang out with Lexie Bay, fly the flag for the Brit Babes and support my dear
buddies Kd Grace, Kay Jaybee and Lucy Felthouse with their erotic
writer of the year nominations! Good luck ladies x x It will be a
stocking bonanza for the next 36 hours! Hooray 😀
Tabitha’s stocking
Always seamed (I love
both French and Cuban heel)
Always lace topped
Always suspenders over
Always big knickers (or
no knickers)
Always carry spares!
(If this is not possible – a ladder can be tamed at source with a
spot of nail varnish or in big emergencies, lipstick)
Always buy in bulk!
See you soon,

Tabitha x x x

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