Oh What a Night!

Well, I had my first saucy book launch at White Rabbit fetish boutique on Friday night! It was fabulous! Loads of my friends came along and the oodles of nipple cupcakes I made were munched and the fizz flowed beautifully.
My amazing friends had flowers waiting and even more came along later – I honestly felt like a (naughty) princess!

White Rabbit was an ideal venue – a sumptuous mix of art, kink, and the erotic – I love it there.

Heather kicked things off by telling us a little about the shop and how it began then I introduced the
wonderful Lady K who dazzled us with her elegant poise while she read from A Clockwork Butterfly. (which is in the 50% off Beachwalk cyber Monday sale today only! 2nd Dec)

It was amazing to hear someone else read from my books – doesn’t happen often as they are so explicit – but the Lady did an incredible job navigating her way through the rude words – in fact, I think I can say we all enjoyed that 😉

Then I was lucky enough to have the fabulous poet Karen Duncan to read from her debut collection,Travelling by Imagination her poems are moving, joyous, sensual and thrilling! Buy it here!

She may have witnessed a nervous tantrum or two on the way to the venue so I have to say she handled my wobbles with grace and good nature (thank goodness).

Then it was time for a musical interlude – unfortunately we didn’t have a willing musician in our midst so we all had a fab sing-a-long of that old favourite “Heads, balls and bums and tits (bums and tits)”! I loved that bit!

I chatted about the fabulous Brit Babes – come along and join us for sexy reading joy!

Then the lovely Ms Duncan came back on and astounded me with a poem she’d written for me – words can’t describe what an honour that was – just incredible. Thank you.

Then it was time to read from Taking Flight, the book I was launching. I asked everyone if they would like a tame reading or saucy one – they replied tame, of course, so I read the bit about copyright and publishing on
the inner cover!

Ha! As if! They were there for the smut so I read one of my favourite parts where the leading couple have their first encounter with some BDSM…

I’ll pop it on at the end but I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who came along and made the night so special – I was indescribably nervous about it all but you all made it fun and easy. Thank you! Oh and you simply must pop in to White Rabbit for that extra special Christmas present – for you or your love – you won’t be disappointed!

Big love to all my friends and family who are so supportive, generous and gorgeous and especially my A, my muse x x

So here’s the little naughty bit I was telling you about!

He reached back, halting her with his palm, ‘Listen.’ In the distance was a
rhythmic cracking sound, biting into the air. Almost like a twig snapping
underfoot but not quite. It was followed every now and then by a whimper.
Deborah froze. The acoustics of the forest were oppressive yet oddly echoed the
noise. It seemed to ricochet off the bark of the tree trunks and bounce right
to them. She could tell Marcus was intrigued and he started moving, more
cautiously this time, palming the branches as he went, being careful not to let
them spring back in her face. As they moved closer to the sound, there was a
small incline to climb. They got down on their bellies and crawled to the brow,
which descended into a natural birch-lined amphitheatre. Deborah held her
breath and stared at the sight before her.
two trees, a naked woman was tied spread-eagled. Lash marks were visible over
her back and thighs. Her long hair tumbled about her shoulders as she let her
head fall back. A scruffy-looking man wearing only woodcutter’s breeches stood
slightly to the side of her, wielding a switch of what looked to Deborah to be
red hazel. As they watched, the man sliced the switch through the air and
whipped the woman soundly on the buttocks. She let out a throaty groan and
Deborah went to spring forward to demand what was going on. No sooner had she
twitched the first muscle than Marcus pounced on top of her, flattening her to
the ground and holding her mouth closed. She breathed angrily though her nose
as they kept watching the scene of torture.
Marcus growled into her ear. ‘Just watch.’ It was all she could do, pinned to
the forest floor with her face aimed at the show. She was bewildered and all
her instincts wanted to free the poor woman who was being so savagely beaten.
Struggling, she tried to wriggle out of Marcus’ grip, but he held her fast and
whispered again, ‘I mean it, watch …’
relaxed her body, knowing the battle would be lost anyway and stared. The woman
was swaying in what must have been agony on the ropes which bit into her wrists
and ankles. The weight of Marcus on her back stifled Deborah’s breath. The whip
lashed the woman once more. When the cry came, Deborah was shocked to feel
Marcus pressing his pelvis into her behind. He was obviously enjoying the scene
and his cock began to stir and harden, pressing into her flesh. Deborah didn’t know
what to feel and was suddenly furious as he stared to slowly hump her bottom
through their joint layers of clothing. She was about to scream out and throw
him off when she saw the tied woman look round to her captor. Her eyes were
sparkling and the most dazzling smile crossed her face. He let the cane fall to
his side for a moment and leant in to kiss her, long and sensuously, while his
free hand reached down between her legs and began to massage her pussy and
arse. The woman responded by pressing her hips backwards, exposing as much of
her sex to his advances as she could while tied to a tree. Marcus’ cock
stiffened further as the man began to finger the woman slowly with two thick
digits. Deborah saw that the fingers of the man and the inner thighs of the
woman were slick with desire, and she started to feel the wet tingling in her
own pussy…
Thank you for joining me today x x  xx x

6 thoughts on “Oh What a Night!

  1. Oh Tabitha, it sounds like such a wonderful time! I SO wish I'd been there. Glad to hear Taking Flight got such a wonderful send off into the bit wild world of readers. Congratulations on all counts, Sweetie! So glad it went well!


    1. Thank you Kd – I'm determined to have a party where you and Raymond do a musical number for us! You guys are awesome 😀 – though the song we did was pretty fun – can't wait to do a rendition of Heads, balls and bums and tits (bums and tits) with you in Bristol! x x x

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