Wolf and I – Werewolf Fuck – I am the Moon part 3

Header image – me by Exposing 40

Wolf and I – Werewolf Fuck – I am the Moon part 3

Content warning – consensual non-consent, shapeshifting, werewolf fuck

So now after posting these parts of this story I’m all horny for a werewolf fuck! The header image by photographer and friend Exposing 40 is from a day we spent in the woods seeking spooky places to take nudes. This is one of me which I am going to try and replicate on the Full Blue Hunter’s Moon tonight for Halloween – see below for details.

So yesterday I talked about films featuring werewolves and today I’m thinking about songs, my favourite and the one I’ve named this story after is Wolf and I by Oh Land – go treat yourself to a listen, it’s haunting and delicious and got me right in the mood for for writing this.

So please enjoy this story which is actually a little ambiguous whether there is a werewolf fuck in there or not but in my mind, that’s exactly what’s going on 😀

read part 1 – Werewolf Lust and part 2 – Werewolf Love first then pop on back for the finale x x x

I am the Moon part 3 – Wolf and I

I shamefully see myself bending over with my big rear in the air, sliding to the floor and embracing the fur. I stare at the body spread-eagled and writhing in the feral fibres, humping and thrashing about. I can’t believe it—I thought I was being discreet! I’m like a cat in heat. My skirt is up, exposing my arse with my fingers spreading the cheeks and pulling my panties aside from behind. It looks like an impossible posture with my face firmly planted in the lush fur.

As I watch myself tugging the lacy fabric further to the side, the man slides his hand up my thigh and clamps my mouth shut with the other. The camera pans in on my backside and nine rude images invade my sight. I can feel my body responding instinctively to the pictures and the smell of my captor’s flesh overpowers my shame. Fuck, my on-screen pussy is being pulled open and the tips of my fingers slide in and out rhythmically in time with my humping motions.

The acrid musk of the man fills the room now and his jaws and tongue work into my neck and shoulders. It sends mini surges cascading though my body stopping well and truly in my pussy—which is now twitching and pulsing with want. The man pushes my thighs apart and reaches to it. I welcome him into the heat of me and again feel the strange sensation of nails or claws at my entrance. It is a maddening moment when he teases me, gently circling my pussy with those sharp little instruments. I grunt into the hand and buck my pelvis forward to force him in. He obliges and slides a long, cool digit right up inside me. I suckle it with my wet cunt and rock and writhe on the chair with my eyes fixed on the feral woman fucking herself on screen. I am so horny. I need his cock. I need it.

Without warning and from nowhere, my security guard appears on screen. I still can’t make him out—his face is in constant shadow but his eyes burn and flash through. His body is huge and looming as he approaches. I look so small and feeble compared to him and he gets on all fours behind me. That’s it, fuck me, I think and his finger inside my pussy seems to agree and starts ferociously pounding me as I watch the action. The guard takes a long time sniffing and exploring me with nose and fingertips. I blink to catch a glimpse of what looks like a claw suddenly retract from one of those fingertips. I feel a second finger force its way into me as I see the man unsheathe his tongue now and begin to lick the back of my thighs. I am transfixed as the longest tongue I’ve ever seen slides up my leg to join the fingers frantically frigging at the opening of my wanton engorged sex. I am stunned as it laps at the lips and holes before sliding all the way up and into my cunt. I want to hear it—I want to hear my shrieks and nod to the volume button. He lets go of my mouth and reaches to the control.

‘Fuck, fuck, yes!’ I hear myself screaming like a professional and can’t help but be a little impressed. When he turns back to me, the glint is there in his eye and his impossibly white teeth flash. He lunges on to me and starts kissing me hard on the mouth, forcing that tongue into me while his hand starts clawing at my breasts, tearing off my blouse and bra. I open my legs until they are hanging off the chair and push back with my tippy toes. His fingers are still deep inside me and as we crash backwards onto the floor, he hooks them right into my g‑spot and my pussy walls spasm around him. His thumb is on my clit now and his tongue is roaming my mouth and lips. It is so fucking horny.

We tip sideways onto the fur-lined floor and he withdraws his digits and flips me over onto my front. I tremble and my pussy gushes with excitement at what will happen next. I want that thick tongue all the way in. I want to be licked and fucked until I can’t bear it. He pushes my head into the dense, soft fur and I inhale my master’s musk. I grab and wind my fingers into the thick rough pelt while my pussy is being tickled and lapped at. A stretching sensation nudges at my entrance and I contract around it, preparing for the onslaught. My breasts swing over the rug and my nipples brush the bristly long hairs. It is heaven, it is incredible. The hot muscular tongue winds its way from my pussy to my arse and curls around it, sliding in the teensiest way again and again. Yes, I think and slowly he eases me open a little more. I reach up and behind just like in the video and start fingering myself alongside his attentions. It’s not enough. I need to be filled.

‘Fuck me,’ I command and the licking stops.

‘As you wish.’ His voice is thick and menacing and I love it. I hear clothes being torn and try to turn my head to watch but again, there is only shadow. Suddenly, there is heat, right behind me, right at the place I need it to be. I want to see him, I want to see his cock—to prepare myself for what there might be, but I can’t move. My hands are on the floor next to my face, gripping the fur and bracing for impact. My pussy is pulsing and aching and desperate. I clench tightly as I feel the tip of velvety hard flesh nudge at me.

‘Open yourself.’ It he who is commanding me now and I try to relax.

He gives me no time and sinks right in, stretching and impaling me on what must be the hardest and longest cock I’ve ever felt. I shriek as my head is pushed into the floor with the weight of him. He pulls out achingly slowly, allowing my juices to flood on to him. I am so wet, so wet and so hot. Just as the tip almost retreats, he starts his second dive. Slowly this time—so slowly I can feel the head of his enormous cock slide past every ridge of my pussy walls. It is excruciatingly exciting and my bud is jumping, surging with the threat of climax. It builds until at last, his huge member is all the way in once more. He starts jabbing quickly, hardly withdrawing at all between thrusts. It is a perfect motion and the surge in my abdomen swells to melting point as I start to come. Just as I almost rise to the crest of my orgasmic wave, he slides a sharp little nail into the entrance of my arse, taking me to another level of excitement.

‘Harder!’ I scream and he pulls all the way out and slams into me again and again pummelling my ravaged cunt until, at last, I come. I come through the mysteries of time and space, the universe expanding and contracting to keep up with my explosive climax, as once engulfing and repelling me. I ride the astral planes, meeting him on a cellular spiritual, atomic space. We entwine—our souls dancing a gloriously sordid ancient dance and I am hanging there, wrung out on the edge of his clever fucking cock.

I have been well and truly fucked but he keeps going—fucking, harder and harder until, with a howl, I am filled with thick, hot lava. We are burning together and I twitch around him, holding him in for as long as I can while he pants and collapses onto my back. I slowly release the strength in my shoulders and arms and we fall into the wolf fur. As I twist to look to the ceiling, I notice a skylight. The clouds scud past over the moon and the candles go out. We are in darkness. The screens are off and the only light, is the flash and glint of my lover’s eyes.

It is closing time at the museum. The only sound is the clack-clack of my heels purposefully striding to the natural history section …

a gif of lips on their side looking like a moon and a pussy for the story werewolf fuck by Tabitha Rayne, night and day day and night

I hope you enjoyed that! Now off you go and get some trick or treating done – or moonbathing like me 😉

Come back tomorrow for a Sinful Sunday with the resulting image (hopefully!).

Yes! Halloween coincides with the full moon which is not only a blue moon (second full moon of the month) but it is also the Hunter’s Full Moon – this phenomenon was last seen in 1944 – Happy Halloween indeed!

If you hear any howling…

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4 thoughts on “Wolf and I – Werewolf Fuck – I am the Moon part 3

  1. Well, pardon my French but FUCK ME that was HOT!!! Thank you for re-awakening my libido from its recent hibernation, Tabitha. I read this with my jaw-hanging open and my insides pulsing! Magnificent trilogy. Have a good night moonbathing- I hope the weather is tolerable (at least better than the wind and rain in London today!) and you manage to recreate that awesome photo 🙂

  2. Great yarn Tabitha! I loved it – now this tongue, it was black and rough in colour and texture? Thats how I saw it! 😀 😀

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