Thirty Days of Orgasms – a #30dayOrgasmFun round up for #MasturbationMonth

Thirty Days of Orgasms! Here’s my round up of week one.

And since I started on a Masturbation Monday, I will begin the round up there too 😉

This is my personal experience – you can find the links to the experience of awesome folks who joined in here.

In March, I embarked on a self-imposed month of prescribed daily orgasms to lift my mood and libido. Read my original post here. I’ve always suffered with periods of mental health darkness, but I feel it does contribute to some of my more nuanced work. One of the big warning signs is my libido dropping. The more I thought about it, the more I decided to try and combat the daggers by raising my own oxytocin and euphoria levels through orgasm.

Now I have a very helpful partner who would happily give me daily orgasms but I realised that there was more to this than simply finding pleasure through him. It had to come from within. Another thing is, because I write erotica, I can get very turned on (if the scene is good) and then need to have an orgasm to get on with the writing (cue Ruby Glow) – however, somehow, that too wasn’t quite coming from within my own self-seduction, if you like. Actually, I have not been spending as much time on erotic writing as I should so even that was diminishing.

No, what I wanted to do was recapture a time when I was more in tune with my own body. Through my entire life, I would send myself to sleep every night after making myself come – before I even knew what masturbation was, it was a lovely way to relax. I never felt ashamed or even questioned what it was (until high school and all the self-conscious denial that goes on – read my post here) – anyway, over the past ten or fifteen years, I’ve been masturbating less and less, in fact, if it wasn’t for my writing, I might not do it at all. Which I think is really sad.

It is very easy to find excuses and reasons why you might not have time to spend on yourself in this way.

So day 1 – I am excited and because I haven’t limited the orgasms to masturbation only, have a wonderful evening of blissed out sex with my partner.

Day 2 – similarly, I jump my man’s bones and we do it all again.

Day 3 – still going with my ‘it’s ok, an orgasm is an orgasm’ rule, I rely, once again on the skills of my lover to get me off.

Day 4 – to the writing shed! And lo, an orgasm comes courtesy of the new Bad Boy story I’m writing (that and a help from my trusty Ruby Glow)

Day 5 – the nagging sensation that I’m ‘cheating’ plays on my mind. The whole point of this for me, is to explore my own arousal, build up my own pleasure triggers and seduce myself, if you like. So I take a breath, close the curtains and pop back into bed and nervously start having a fiddle about. It feels a bit naughty so I get turned on. Because I’m aroused I start thinking, ‘ooo, this might be quite easy after all’ and roll over, pressing my fingers onto my clit with my body weight and squirming around the way I used to. I can feel pleasure mounting and try to relax into it but every time I feel myself letting go, my mind goes, ‘yay, it’s happening’, and I lose focus. The orgasm trips out of reach. By this point I’m thinking, ach, fuck it, I’ll just wait until my lover comes home and fuck his brains out. But I’ve made it a challenge now. And if there’s one thing I am, it’s a teacher’s pet – even if I’m the teacher. So I try again. It’s no good. My calves are starting to ache from being tensed for so long and cramp is setting in. After letting out a growl and pulling my perspiring messy self out of the covers and shaking off, I get out the Doxy. I put it up high and writhe around until finally an orgasm happens. The whole process has taken over an hour and I can barely walk because of the cramp in my calves. But, go me, I did it. It was more of a thank fuck for that than a soothing climax.

Day 6 – I literally can hardly walk and have to spend the day hobbling, actually fairly proud that I have an injury due to vigorous masturbation. I am writing again so have another cheaty yet satisfying orgasm at my writing desk.

Day 7 – My A is curious how my challenge is going. ‘It’s not a challenge, I tell him, it’s for fun. I can’t have people putting pressure on themselves over something this personal and delicate (the irony is not lost on me) – somehow, we aren’t in the mood, or we’re busy or something but whatever is it, I don’t come today…

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And so went my first week! Stay tuned for round 2… and remember, if you have experience or a blog post about doing your own 30 day orgasm challenge, let me know and I’ll link you up x x x

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3 thoughts on “Thirty Days of Orgasms – a #30dayOrgasmFun round up for #MasturbationMonth

  1. OK the cramped legs and soreness the next day made me giggle. Definitely a good reason to have sore muscles. I look forward to reading how the rest of the month went soon


  2. I love this kind of self-awareness – even when the emotions aren’t so positive. And I could hear your voice in my head at the “This is not a challenge!” 🙂

  3. Great first week post, it surprising how little we actually focus on ourselves isn’t it!! Ok, I’ll admit I did giggle a bit at the thought of a masturbation related injury, I’ve never had one of those and not I feel as if I’m missing out!

    I think I’m relatively lucky that normally I can orgasm quite easily and hands do the job for me. In fact I struggle with vibrating toys, except my Hitachi. Again, interestingly I’ve never used that alone, it’s always been used as an instrument of torture. I’d say I’m actually wary of vibrations in case hey decrease my sensitivity and I’m no longer able to use just my hands.

    Gah…I have more hang ups than I thought!!

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