The Space Between Us

*Trigger Warning* – this explores mental health and eating disorders and how it can affect relationships

Blog update – this was chosen as an Elust Top 3 post!

This is a flash fiction piece – it doesn’t have a positive message – it’s simply an exploration. So don’t read if you’re looking for that.

Added to Sassy’s wonderful Sex Bloggers for Mental Health

This was inspired by National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

The Space Between Us

I feel you drawing away.

After all these years, it’s finally broken you. I’ve finally broken you.

I wriggle down under the duvet and try to coax your soft cock into action, teasing and pulling at the bundle of flesh desperately trying to show you I love you.

I just don’t love me and it’s rubbed off.

I’m tired of me and you are too.

Your cock reluctantly hardens and I engulf it with my lips and tongue, feasting with my best technique to bring you back to me.

You rest your hand on my hair but you don’t grab at it like you used to. Your pelvis doesn’t rise and thrust to meet my throat.

I use my fists around your shaft, working mechanically in time with my mouth.

You come quickly and quietly.

I coil up under your shoulder with my back to you and we spoon.

My breath is held high in my chest as your arm casually falls around me and your hand lazily snakes to my abdomen cupping my tummy.

Every cell in my body is screaming out and recoiling in horror. I fight against it, willing my flesh and bones to stay relaxed.

Don’t tense, don’t tense, don’t tense…

But the muscle memory is too dense and a flicker in my soul sends warning claxons to your fingertips and you sigh, rolling away.

And I lie still.

The space between us growing colder.

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33 thoughts on “The Space Between Us

    1. Thank you May – no there isn’t always a happy ending, thank you for commenting x x x I loved your GOTN guest post too x

  1. This is really powerful Tabitha. You have been able to explain what it feels impossible to explain. Thank you ❤️

  2. Oh Tabitha, such a powerful story drenched with sadness and hopelessness. Really brave and skilled writing – classy.

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