The Shaft…

So it’s Masturbation Monday and Ms Kayla really got us going with the prompt this week! As did Mister Exhibit A with his glorious Sinful Sunday post, Cat – he’s kindly let me post the picture too.
Here’s a wee bit from a story I’m writing which I was reminded of by the two above x x
The clouds part and the glorious shaft of sun slides through the window over my bed and glints off my guitar. Yes, I think, that would help. A long slow hump with the only thing that truly understands me. My guitar. I reluctantly leave the comfort of my bed to set up the amp and plug everything in. When I’m back on top of my sheets and positioned in the warm rays, I slide the guitar over my groin and relish the first stirrings of wood beneath wood.
    Oh yes, that’s it, that’s it. My cock swells and my balls tighten as I begin to strum. Slight reverb brings a good vibrating into the play and I tense my buttocks, grinding into my guitar. My wrist and fingers bend around the neck and I glimpse down to the sinews in my forearm. I imagine seeing the flexing in Damien’s arm, his shoulder, his neck, his jaw as he sucks my cock, milking and deep throating me as I grab the back of his head and fuck him in the face. Oh yeah, yeah. Sweat breaks out on my shoulders and I strum and hump and finger faster, faster. Now I can see the dimple in his ass cheek tense and hollow as he fucks me while I watch in the mirror. Oh god, that’s it, that’s the image. Him sliding his long cock up inside me, stretching and breaching me, lube and spunk spilling out all over my thighs… I’m a twitching raw mass of energy now and everything is on that brink. The brink of collapse. I’m about to let go when there is an almighty banging on the door.
What the hell?
I jump up flinging my guitar down all twisted in the sheets and covers. I stumble and trip over the pile as I run through in shock, my cock heavily slapping from side to side as I go. The banging continues.
“All right! All right! What the fuck is going on?”
Just more banging. Someone using their fist. I put the chain in place before opening
the door just a crack…
Here’s the prompt from Kayla – I know! Right?!
click on the big purple square for more…

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