The Huntsman – Erotic Photography

The Huntsman – a soft focus on hard edges

*Blog Update* Super proud that this post was chosen as one of Molly’s Top 5

I love stories with huntsmen and woodsmen in them. Strong men in leather britches with callouses on their rough hands.

There always seems to be the promise of a sinister turn…

The Sinful Sunday prompt for June is soft focus and I’ve loved playing with the hard and soft concepts.

I love this [click for image] from Focused and Filthy, it gave me chills to think of these two photos side by side.

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19 thoughts on “The Huntsman – Erotic Photography

  1. Oh Tabitha you do make a very sexy huntsman, there is something really erotic about the contrast between the axe and your topless breasts that make me think of female warriors


    1. Thank you so much Molly, I woke up with the thought of the photo I wanted to create and I was pleased with this, so thank you again for the inspiration ❀️

  2. Wow! Did I say wow? This is a firm favourite, the viewpoint, the strength and the sense of sensual threat is so incredibly powerful. Amazing shot Tabitha!

  3. TABITHAAAAAA! What in God’s name are you trying to do to us? I just cannot function having seen this level of sexy. I think I need to go and lie down, in my bed, with my Doxy x

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