The Guest Room – Masturbation Monday

The Guest Room – a Masturbation Monday post

OK so this is all Kayla’s fault, yet again 😀 the prompt caused this – link at the bottom.

Tamara has just had a spanking from the lord of the manor but he’s left her now, alone and needy in the guest bedroom…


The Guest Room

She watched herself in the mirror, stockinged legs spread, thong pulled to the side and her pussy held open and gaping, pulsing with ache and need. It wouldn’t take much. Tamara thrust three fingers from one hand straight into her dripping cunt. It was easy. Her pussy grabbed at them, squelching and gobbling them up. She realised what a delicious feeling it must be to have your cock buried deep in a hot pulsing cunt. Liquid spilled out onto her knuckles and she started to rub her clit with the other hand.

“Oh yes, yes, fuck me fuck me. Cane my arse and fuck me you dirty old lord of the manor.” She couldn’t stop the flow of words from her mouth. She was possessed, ready to do anything to get this orgasm. She grappled with her pussy, bringing herself to the brink of orgasm then letting go, just as her cunt began to pulse. It felt good to tease herself. She let go of her clit and opened her blouse, dragging down her bra to expose her tits to her view. Who was this woman? This fucking hot, turned on woman in front of her. Tamara did not recognise this person but somehow it felt so right. Like something she always knew. She leaned back and opened her legs wider, tipping her pelvis up to reveal her whipped backside. Oh and how. Red stripes lashed across her arse and she whimpered.

She reached to her left breast and massaged it hard, watching herself all the time in the mirror. She squeezed and rolled the nipple in her thumb and finger, wishing the master was here to suckle at her.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me, eat me,” she began her flow of filth once more, hitting the brink, finding the crest of her climax. She was fucking herself hard with three fingers, pushing in and stretching herself. She let go of her breast and rubbed her clit, rolling back into the mattress again where she couldn’t see herself anymore, but oh god she could imagine.

Him. Him fingering her deep, stretching her, ready for his cock. She squeezed and rocked rubbing and fucking all at once until at last, time stopped. She hung, suspended, ready for release, then in a flurry of sparks and wet clutching spasms, she came hard. Liquid spilled from her cunt and fuck words spilled from her lips. She curled up, holding on, cradling her climax, rocking back and forth until it finally subsided and she was left, a wrung out shivering mess on a stranger’s guest bed where she’d just been whipped into a sexual frenzy…


Whoops, cut to the chase that one didn’t it 😉 For more sexy Monday stories and the fantastically naughty prompt – click the purple box.

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