The Curse

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The Curse

I was indignant when I discovered what Aunt Elise meant when she called her period ‘The Curse’. That it was a punishment bestowed on all woman kind forevermore because of Eve tempting Adam with an apple and getting them both banished from the Garden of Eden.
I tell you. I was only very young but my fury was full and deep and huge.

So here is my Masturbation Monday as an ode to that fury. Special thanks to my beautiful model who let me feed him tempting evil fruit from my very own tree of knowledge in the garden.

The Curse

“Eat it.”
My hand is on my hip and he kneels before me.
“Eat it,” I repeat, holding out the succulent orb, twisting my wrist to get the most beautiful angle on my outstretched fingertips. I wonder if he notices the tilt. He ought to. I wonder if he even realises that every single motion, word or action that comes from my body is carefully orchestrated to trap him. To make him do things. To tempt him into sin. Sin that would only be committed should I be around to make it so.
Why is he hesitating?
My heels are sinking into the lawn. I tense my calves arching my back to wrench them out without moving my feet to another position. My legs feel long and mighty. I have them spread to just over hip width apart. Plenty wide enough for him to watch beads of desire pool at the apex where my dark curls ruffle in the breeze.
He keeps his gaze low but lifts his chin, opening his lips just a little. Just enough for me to see his tongue flick quickly across his teeth. That’s good. That’s it. His mouth must be watering.
I yearn for his gaze to travel up my shins and thighs. I hold the apple out just under his nose and watch his nostrils flaring as he inhales the ripe heady scent. Oh my pussy is clutching as I imagine it’s me he’s savouring. My legs are cramping a little from trying to stop sinking and I have to give in and move.
He flicks his eyes up my legs to my groin as I twist my feet into a better position. The act of standing here waiting on him to follow my command has me almost beside myself with need. Yes I want him to eat the bloody apple – but not really, what I really want him to do is snatch it from my grasp, throw it to the ground and devour my cunt. I feel a trickle of desire on my inner thigh. He remains static.
“Here,” I say and thrust the apple at him and he catches it.
I watch enraptured as he lifts it to his lips and takes a smooth long bite, the crunch and slide of the flesh dribbling juice down his chin.  All the while he stares at my cunt.
I reach down with both hands. I pull my sex open wide for him to see and thrust three fingers from my right hand deep inside. I bite on my lip and let my head hang forward as I fuck myself in front of him. He just keeps staring, chewing the flesh of the fruit as he does. The sinews in his cheek and jaw flexing make me growl in my throat with animalistic desperation. My pussy is convulsing around my fingers and I’m soaking. I don’t care about my shoes any more and let my heels sink firmly into the turf as I bend my knees to fuck myself deeper in front of him. I grind the fleshy pad of my hand onto my clit and reach to grab his hair. He ducks back just out of reach and I shudder and howl as I come on my hands and fingers, rocking and twitching into the soft ground as he watches, taking another bite of apple…
There you have it.
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15 thoughts on “The Curse

  1. That is fuckin awesome!! "reach to grab his hair. He ducks back just out of reach and I shudder and howl" man I felt the frustration there – brilliant xxx

  2. I really, really, REALLY wanted him to drop that apple…but eating it while watching you is just as erotic. Could you get pissed off about The Curse more often, please? 😉

    1. Wow thank you – it's always a bit of a worry to click 'post' on something you've just written and not spent hours editing, don't you think? I find it very nail biting! x xx

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