The Balance

The Balance – a preview for Sinful Sunday

So this is a portrait and it is at that critical moment. I know it’s not finished, there are bits that are making me shudder and bits that make me feel joy, but this is the moment where I could so easily overdo things. I could completely ruin hours of work with one brush stroke. And like all portraits, I want it to be absolutely perfect for my beautiful model. I chose this photo because the brush looks like it’s balancing on her back – and it to me, in this moment, it really is…

Can anyone tell who this is?

I’m hosting a workshop at this year’s Eroticon Live – we’ll be doing some life drawing and writing inspired by the experience – why not come along! It’s a wonderful weekend of erotic writing fun and education – check out details:

Lick the luscious lips for more Sunday Sinners…

Sinful Sunday

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28 thoughts on “The Balance

  1. Oh, wow, it’s Molly? *really hope I got that right)

    It’s utterly beautiful – she’s crawling off the page- the brush totally looks like it’s balancing, the perspective is so real. Amazing work! Good luck, good luck!

  2. *bounces around with excitement. Tabitha it is beautiful, I don’t know what to say…. you have taken my words and my breath away. THANK YOU!


    1. Molly you are a wonderful model – thank you for the opportunity.
      And also – you have a very famous bottom – everyone has guessed correctly! 😀

  3. Oh my God. I LOVE THIS. It’s so wonderful. And I love it even more because if I remember correctly it’s a photo that made Molly uncomfortable, which makes it even more wonderful that you’ve made such a beautiful job of it. You’re so talented! Xxx

    1. Thank you – yes you’ve identified the actual photo too! It’s such a powerful image for so many reasons, I couldn’t resist it. X x x

      1. I think it was the perfect choice and you have transformed it, given it a depth and life that the photograph often misses.


  4. Oh wow, this is amazing! You are just ridiculously talented. Very excited about your life drawing workshop, I’m definitely attending that one! Xxx

  5. This is wonderful! I loved that photo of Molly and your painting brings it even further to life. I think it’s fantastic that you included the tools of your process in this image as well. Good luck in making your final strokes!

  6. I think I recognize an image of Molly, but I might be mistaken. It’s absolutely gorgeous, Tabitha, and I think I will be at your session(s).

    Rebel xox

  7. sometimes i like when things are left unfinished
    there is a type of art to that

    i wish i could do what you do
    i have the ideas, the passion and no skill

  8. I know who that is and I remember the post that went with the original so what a brilliant choice. It is truly fabulous.

    One day I’d love to get something like this done of me, I just haven’t been brave enough yet!

  9. This is stunning. It’s absolutely recognizable as Molly! I so envy your talent – the detail on her feet is incredible.

  10. Wow, Tabitha, this is absolutely breathtaking! I recognized it as Molly right away, your technique is perfect! I am always blown away by your talent!

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