#SSoS Sharing is Caring in a Censored World

#SSoS Sharing is Caring in a Censored World


Why helloooo!

So this may be a bit of a futile exercise as I’m actually shadow banned at the moment but hopefully I can reach people beyond Twitter censors!

Every Saturday (but not always a Saturday, any day is fine) groups of people share links and hook up to the Saturday Share our Shit hashtag #SSOS – in a way to use our own platforms to share thoughts, opinion, images, stories which would otherwise be subject to Facebook Filters or Twitter shadow banning due to ‘adult themed’ content (yes, even sex education and debate *eyeroll*).

So, here are some interesting things I’ve fallen down the internet rabbit hole with this week:

Arousal Doesn’t Have to be Spontaneous by Isabelle Lauren – this is a fantastic article on wooing yourself and finding the importance of connecting with your own body, even if you’re not in the mood. Brilliant.

The Nude in Political Protest by Exposing 40 – another fascinating essay from Ms 40 – really though provoking with delicious imagery.

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for Sex Positive Spaces – Victoria is a captivating and fantastic orgasm ambassador – I had the joy of meeting her at Eroticon so please check out her beautiful video on this page and her #WomensOrgasmMatter campaign.

Forget Perfection, Bring Me the Glory – Life as a Disabled Kinkster by Pippen Strange – a wonderful insightful guest blog on Amy CK’s fab blog, about sex, kink and disability.

Sex Work and Disability – Miss Eve E’s second part of her Eroticon Speech. Go read all the parts!

The First 300 are the Hardest – the incredible Molly Moore share’s her 300th Sinful Sunday photo and it’s lush

For a fantastic and comprehensive SSoS – here’s Marie Rebel’s notes. You’ll find SO MUCH there x x

And finally – tomorrow is the start of my #30DaysOrgasmFun so do check back – I’ll be sharing links and tips and for one day only  the hashtag, #WanksNotPranks 😀 it will be April Fool’s Day after all 😀

30 day orgasm fun logo

Lots of Love

Tabitha x x x x




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