Squirt – an Unexpected Gush

Squirt – an Unexpected Gush

Today I’m joining *all* the memes! Masturbation Monday, Kink of the Week and 30 Day Orgasm Fun.

This story was inspired by the fun I had using the Womanizer Liberty the other day (it’s not an affiliate post – I’m just a fan now 😀 ).


“So you think you squirted? Show me,” you said. “I want to watch.”

Shivers cascaded through my body at the thought of being so vulnerable and open. It was something we’d tried together for years and I’d been a little apprehensive to tell you it had happened in the shower unexpectedly with a new kind of toy I’d tried. Without you.

“OK,” I said, nerves suddenly banished by bravado. “But I’m watching too…”

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I positioned myself in view of two mirrors and lay on the bed making sure the angle was perfect.

“Kneel between my legs,” I commanded as I spread my thighs open. You obeyed, knowing exactly what position I was angling for. The Dolphin I believe it’s called. You shuffled forward while kneeling and grabbed my buttocks hauling my hips up onto your thighs. My legs spread so my pussy was grazing your already hard cock. It sounds quite awkward but once I’d raised my hips high enough and you’d manoeuvred into the perfect place, you licked your thumb and lubed up my already wet cunt smearing my juices over my clit, readying it for they toy I’d been telling you about.

“You have to be inside me first.” My breath was ragged, I was so excited to share this with you. “Wait.” I paused, annoyed at the interruption as your cock pushed at my entrance. “Grab that towel.” I’d forgotten to put it under us.

“Really?” You looked at me doubtfully, I’d never produced enough juices for a towel before but I felt sure I’d be needing it this time.

“Yes…really.” I smiled for emphasis and you grabbed it, placing it just next to my side.

“Are you ready for this?” You smiled hard and adjusted your posture to fist your cock by the base and point it to my cunt.

“Yes.” And I was. I opened up and you speared me easily, your cockhead rubbing at all the right places inside, fucking and sliding in and out, plundering my g spot as I met you thrust for thrust.

“Wait, slow down.” I reached for the toy and placed the strange nozzle part of it to my clit, opening my labia to make sure it was a perfect seal. I switched it on and you raised your eyebrows as a tiny battering, fluttering sensation took hold on the nub of my clit.

“That’s it, that’s it, now fuck me.”

And you did. You fucking did. Hard and strong, the muscles and sinews in your arms twitched and pulsed as you held my hips as you fucked. My back was bent and I felt like a rag doll being buffeted and flung around. The suction on my clit was so strange, I held it on tight and turned up the speed quickly taking it to the highest setting.

“It’s happening.”

We locked gazes and I kept the toy hard pressed to my clit as you pumped my cunt with your delicious cock. A deep welling sensation in the pit of my core took over and my whole body shuddered, spasming even before I came. You kept pounding and my clit suddenly had a cascading coldness spread through it, nerve endings carrying the electric sensations and splintering off throughout my body.

I heard noises—they were mine. I broke free from your gaze and watched myself come undone in the mirror. My body contorted and a force pushed into my cunt walls threatening to spill and gush and suddenly the damn broke for both of us. The surge up your cock met with the wave from my cunt and we crashed on the shores of each other’s sex with a whoosh and a grunt.

It wasn’t the fractalling off into different planes that usually accompanies my orgasms, it was a deep low earthy feeling—purely physical. My cunt spasmed again and again, my clit peaking and waning over and over with the nozzle still attached and pulsing. Your cock moved in time and you stared at our combined juices, amazed and mesmerised by just how much there was.

I turned off the switch and had one last shudder before I felt liquid running down my ass, trickling up my back and almost onto the bedding.

“Quick the towel.”

You shoved it under then collapsed into me, shaking and laughing.

“Wow, it really does work…”

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10 thoughts on “Squirt – an Unexpected Gush

  1. I had a similar thing (I think) using a love egg and the Lelo Sona Cruise – it felt like a massive urge to wee but was followed by a climax, so my first squirt had a question mark over it too! This was a great story, so vividly told and the dialogue was perfect, I could almost hear your voice! Lovely fun post.

    Yeah hit all the memes there!

  2. Sounds like it may be time to invest in absorbant sheets! I also love the way you bring the reader into the story by the use of ‘you’… so compelling!

  3. Love that they ended up laughing – me and my man end of like that so many times after sex – no one else would think it hilarious but we do 😉 – this was very hot too – like the slightly removed feel to it x

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