Spring Nudity

[First Day of] Spring Nudity!

It’s Sinful Sunday time and I’m celebrating the First day of Spring.

I had a lovely time in my garden this morning. I hope you share my utter joy at prancing about in the sun.

Click on those sexy lips to see who else is joining the Sinful fun x x x

Sinful Sunday

24 thoughts on “Spring Nudity

  1. This is so beautiful, I love that you just caught your hair floating around in the breeze. There is something wonderfully joyous about this whole image


  2. God, this is absolutely stunning – I can feel the cold spring wind against my skin just looking at it! Your flowing clothes and hair look lovely, all wild and free. Fabulous shot!!!

  3. This is fantastic! I love the angle of the shot and the massive amount of beautiful blue sky contrasting with your gorgeous body!

  4. Gorgeous shot – the crisply blue sky, the sense of warmth, the effective and fun low angle, and the lovely figure.

  5. Thank you for all of your lovely comments! I’m sorry I haven’t replied to each one. Too busy looking at all the other folk’s Sinful Sundays!
    I’m glad the joy of a sunny day came through 😀
    x x x

  6. You capture such spirit in your pictures. This is so great. It should be on a wall to give everyone joy, energy and a glimpse of beauty.

  7. Beautiful framing and overall composition. The bright blue sky contrasts nicely with your lovely bare skin, and the overall image has a wonderful, free feel to it.

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