If You Get Spanked in the Woods Today…

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If You Get Spanked in the Woods Today… A Masturbation Monday Post

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They locked gazes for another brief moment then Archie nodded, dragging her up once again like a rag doll and placed her over log that was now on its side.

“What the?” she began to say but he silenced her with a sharp slap to her thigh.

“It’s not your place to ask questions.” The words were so hard and gravelly that Harriet’s body sagged and molded over the wooden log. It tilted slightly and Archie’s huge fist grabbed at it, holding it fast while he kicked earth into crook of the log, wedging it fast to the ground. He tested it by pressing his palm onto Harriet’s lower back and pushing but she only rocked slightly.

The wood was broad yet rough and her hips dug into the bark. Her breasts fell up her chest and with every breath, heaved from the safety of her bra. It was exquisitely exciting to be here, helpless. Everything came into sharp focus, the scent of the mossy earth filled her soul as she inhaled deeply, time slowing for her to take notice of every tiny thing around her. The heat and imprint of Archie’s hand, still on her lower back. The vibration of sound emanating from the forest flooded her ears. It was almost as if a second stretched to infinity.

As Archie lifted his hand from her back, she almost felt a piece of her slip out with it, a vision of herself, a spec in the woods with the whole world focusing in on this space around her suddenly took her over. Like an outer body experience she watched from afar as Archie raised his magnificent arm.


Harriet heard it first and wondered for a moment if she’d imagined everything and Archie was chopping logs while she watched in a lustful hallucinatory haze. When suddenly her buttocks clenched hard as heat and pain seared through them. Her whole body was alight and her instinct to reach back and shield her painful ass was met with another ferocious spanking before her hand could make it.

“Just steady yerself, lass,” Archie said, pausing for a second to take her arm and place it gently back in front of her next to the other.

Her nails dug into the ground as she nodded and braced herself, determined to let go and see where this took her. Memories of Kiss, Cuddle and Torture during school playtimes flashed through her mind and it was a thrill and a comfort to recognize that she liked this sort of thing.

Stillness, silence then, thwack, a bolt of pain shot through her once more and she tensed again, resisting the urge to yelp. Her clothes now felt hot and restrictive and she was furious that she was wearing jeans. It was sore enough through the thick denim but part of her wished to feel flesh on flesh. Archie must have been reading her thoughts as at that moment he lifted her by the hips with both hands and reached round underneath her body to her flies.

She released a groan as his thick fingers fumbled with the button and zipper. Harriet wriggled as the seam of her crotch rode up into her lips as he tugged and pulled. He began to do it more deliberately, rhythmically and she squirmed deeper, spreading her thighs as he dipped his face behind her ear and growled.

“So you do like it, you fuck hungry whore. You want me to drag your knickers off right hear and spank you, splayed open for all the world to see.”

Harriet had never felt an actual gush of arousal leave her body before but a wave of pleasure so intense at the thought of Archie doing what he had just said, caused her knickers to be drenched in her excitement.

“I’m asking you something.” He finally released the fastening of her jeans and was about to drag them off over but he stopped. “Is that what you want? You want me to punish you for your wanton ways?”

Harriet nodded and earned herself a sharp slap to the back of her thigh.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Yes, yes of course I fucking do. Just get on with it. I want you to spank me and fuck me whichever way you please.”

“That’s more like it,” said Archie then yanked off her jeans…

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16 thoughts on “If You Get Spanked in the Woods Today…

  1. Great story, and much like the one I tried to write. In my first draft I had the sound of an ax too! (I still have the ‘thwack!’)
    I’m so glad I didn’t read anyone else’s contributions, if I’d seen yours I’d have given up. It’s hot!

    1. I loved your story – I have trouble commenting on Blogger though for some reason – I think my first comment failed that’s where there’s a strange one 😀 – thanks for reading mine x x x and for the prompt!

    1. I adored this when I saw it on Sinful Sunday and I’m so pleased Nero suggested it and Kayla said yes! Looks like a beautiful day x x x

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