Sin Salutation

A glorious Sin Salutation with a friend for Sinful Sunday – photo credit Exposing 40

So *this* happened this week – I was lucky enough to spend time frolicking naked in the woods with Exposing 40 as part of her body positive project. We decided to take this shot to mark the occasion!

Go on over to Exposing 40’s place here to see the the photographs she took of me in the nude on that lovely sunny Scottish morning. It’s part of her wonderful body positive project on growing and accepting ourselves with joy. I will write about this amazing and important-for-me experience and show you more photos soon…

And you must also click the lips for more Sunday Sinners x x x


18 thoughts on “Sin Salutation

  1. I agree with Marie — Would love to have seen the big bright smiles on your faces! Perfectly framed and gorgeous use of color! ~C

  2. I love this picture of you and Exposing 40! It’s such a lovely companion to the shots of you that she posted today. So full of light and breath and happiness. It makes me smile to see the two of you stretching up to the sun like that!

  3. Oh I love everything about this photo! It looks like you are celebrating being alive and worshiping the natural world around you. The way the sun is shining on you and into the tunnel makes me smile a HUGE smile!!!

  4. I would loved to have heard your giggles echo through the tunnel,

    Beautiful set of pictures! .. I hope too see some more in the future,

  5. You both look fab! Obviously that’s always the case, but this photo is sexy and joyful and fresh and allllll the other good things 🙂

  6. There’s such delight in this photo – in the bright green, the glorious stretch, and the loveliness of your skin 🙂

    xx Dee

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