Show Me How You Burlesque

Show Me How You Burlesque – A Grateful Sinful Sunday Post

Why helloooo – the prompt for this month’s Sinful Sunday is G – and G is for Grateful!

Yesterday I did something I’ve always wanted to do – I performed a burlesque routine for a group of the most wonderful, supportive, and exuberant women, and I absolutely loved it!

It was so liberating; casting off not just my clothes but my self doubts and self consciousness.

Amazing things happen when you team up with other people!

I have been lifted up by so many others this week – doing the 30 Days Orgasms too, where participants share very intimate stories, it’s encouraging and empowering.

A quick update on my own 30 Days Progress – today’s orgasm is yet to ‘come’ (g is for… groan) but I’m feeling amped up and excited for it!

Yesterday, a beginning was made but the follow through didn’t happen – though I still count it as a win because I honestly feel that lovely oxytocin is released even before orgasms arrive so on the whole I am definitely feeling much more upbeat – despite having the most horrendous earache.

So whether that can be attributed to orgasms, community, change in clocks, the flowers in bloom, birds singing, burlesque dancing, blog reading, who cares! It’s all self care and it feels fantastic!

And I am Grateful.

x x x lots of self love from Tabitha x x x

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21 thoughts on “Show Me How You Burlesque

  1. I saw you had your hair done up for that. How neat that would’ve been to experience both as watcher and performer. I’m glad it was a good moment for you

    1. Thank you Cara – it was fab – but my hair scarf fell off half way through which was a bit annoying but hopefully didn’t detract too much 😀

  2. This is a fabulous picture and I LOVE that you did this burlesque dance. I really enjoy dancing for HL and although I feel nervous once I get over that I feel really free. I can’t imagine doing that for a larger group though ?

  3. What a really cool thing to do – well done you and this photo is simply stunning – loving the edit on it too x

  4. Oh, that’s a beautiful picture! The colours and textures are lovely, and you look amazingly sexy

  5. That sounds like it was such a cool experience and like something I’d really love to do in the presence of friends too! It’s really great to have folks who you share a friendship with, but can also all share in something so intimate without it changing those bonds in any way. Sorry to hear about the earache though! Those genuinely really suck.

    Anyway, ditto on what so many others have already said: really glad that you have so much on the go that it making you feel so fantastic!

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