Sharing Beautiful Voices

Sharing Beautiful Voices

I’ve written and rewritten this blog and my words seem so impotent.

I want to highlight and share some amazing black sex educators and erotic voices today.

Because this is a blog to celebrate sex, sexuality and pleasure, I’m bringing you some of the hottest erotica I’ve read or listened to and hope you’ll take a look.

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Cara Thereon

Before we get into her extremely fucking hot erotica, Cara gave me permission to link to and share an excerpt from her January post Just Because You Don’t See it.

“In case anyone is confused, I am black. At 35, I’ve had so many moments where I’ve felt the full effects of that. From being ignored, being mistrusted, and being watched as I’ve walked through a store. Etc, etc.

It’s really easy to say, you “don’t see color”. A lovely concept that is dangerous because if you don’t see color, you lack the ability to see the moments when I’m discriminated against because of the color of my skin. I’ve run up against many a micro-aggression by people (just assume white, but this isn’t reserved to just those who identify as white), that they have no recollection of doing or saying because to them it wasn’t meant that way.

You don’t realize the ways your internalized racism, prejudice, and overt racist behavior hurt others. Or the racist things you’ve said or the way you have a knee jerk “not me/not all white people” reaction when someone calls you out. There is a certain degree of fear that exists when people stop being the majority. As a black person, I don’t get the luxury of fear (not fear in that way) as I’m often the minority and am forced to adjust. I’ve gone to many munches, sat in many classes rooms, lectured in many classes, and been the only black person. I find it interesting that those who are used to be the majority have zero ability to adjust, and their adjustment shifts to hatred or mistrust and behaviors that show their deep rooted prejudice that that can’t see. There’s a level of entitlement. You haven’t really lost much, but even a little less feels like a huge loss to many.”

It’s a truly incredible post – read it in full here.

Cara’s Erotica

Well, what can I say about this – I’ve been left a limp wet mess after reading her sexy words, I’m telling you – and one of my highlights over the past couple of months was getting to read one for Girl On The Net’s Audio porn project – Here’s Cara’s story, Chastity being read by Sherryl Blu. Cara is a goddess of the erotic and is also a photographer, her site contains the most beautiful self portraits and you should definitely take a look.

She was a horny mess.

He’d woken her with kisses on her inner thigh, his lips skating up her leg until she’d parted them with a sleepy sigh. Strong hands slipped beneath her to grip her ass before sliding to her waist just as his lips had fastened to her vulva.

“Oh.” She didn’t open her eyes, letting her back arch as his tongue dipped into her cunt.

Sherryl Blu

Sherryl is an absolute force of erotica and sex education awesomeness – she creates the most incredible content on her sex positive platform Tinted Blu – hosts discussions and events and her Instagram is just full of fantastic sexy and educational posts.

This is taken from Sweet Like Nectar – it’s absolutely delicious and also narrated – Sherryl’s voice is intoxicating.

Damp like a warm flannel
that’s how he made me feel.

Every time….
…his full lips parted to speak
he mesmerised me…
tantalised me…
teased me with every sound that escaped his sexy mouth

I wanted to feel those lips
on my neck…
in between my thighs…
nuzzling in and amongst my dampness

I wanted that mouth to taste my opening
dine on my nectar
sample my goodness

I wanted to hear his sounds of appreciation…
…as my essence slipped down his throat…
sweet like pineapple nectar
I wanted him to love it
enjoy it…
get high off of it

F Dot Leonora

OK so you simply must have read some F Dot Leonora before – she is the absolute Queen or the erotic cliff hanger – her entire blog is like one story joined to the next with the most exquisitely tantalinsing tease on an ending, you’re just desperate to catch up. The most incredible thing is that F Dot writes every week to different memes so she uses the prompt to guide the storyline. I adore the deep sensuality in her words.

She caressed his lips with her finger, but not with her mouth. It was mechanical the way that their bodies joined, but it did not matter. The pleasure was automatic too. Their bodies moved like machines that knew their position and motion. She needed the release and they worked perfectly together. He cradled her breasts and rubbed her clit, as they avoided looking at each other in the mirror of the cafe bathroom. The scent of gardenia mixed with sex, and Zara would never forget it.

from Automatic by F Dot Leonora

This Life…

I’ve been taking everything in, looking at myself, my country – in Scotland, we like to think we aren’t a racist nation, but we are culpable in our history and our present society. It is systemic and that’s why we don’t see it, just like Cara’s post so beautifully and heartbreakingly illustrates.

This post on Instagram by Becki Clark is superb and addresses this very thing. I was going to embed the video but I think I’d rather you go direct to her page to see it. PLEASE DO!

In it, she mentions CRER (Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights) – a Scottish anti-racist organisation which aims to advance work on social, economic and political issues from a race perspective. – if you’d like to donate to their great work, and find out more, click website here.

The Intimology Institute has put together this amazing resource:

A Resource Guide For Race Education To Encourage Inclusive Living & Wellness

“Sexual wellness is intrinsically linked to racial justice and equality for all, and Black people in particular. This is not only because Black people face the greatest inequalities when it comes to sexual and reproductive health access but also because the sexuality movement has been and continues to be led by the Black community. Pride Month would not exist were it not for the activism of Black, Queer people.”

There is a fantastic list of extremely helpful sites, reading and information – I’ll be visiting this article a lot.

I spent a short time in Ohio during my last year of highschool in a predominantly white neighbourhood. In my English class we were given Beloved by Toni Morrison to read. I couldn’t believe that words could be put together in such a beautiful and lyrical way. It changed what I thought a novel was and what I knew writing to be capable of. So powerful.

The picture for this post is the cover of Love by Toni Morrison. It was in my local charity shop and was signed. What a day that one. It feels powerful to hold that book.

I found this Toni Morrison quote today –

Anger is better. There is a sense of being in anger. A reality and presence. An awareness of worth. It is a lovely surging.

And it sent goosebumps down my spine.

My love to everyone fighting the good fight every, single. damn. day.

I am commited to doing better, being better, knowing better.

x x x x


Sonder and Beam – empowering and celebrating sexuality and sexual fulfillment.

AM Appointment – Nadia Dean – female orgasms and masturbation – and also runs the Intimology institute – read this resource.

Decolonising Contraception – Challenging you to think differently about sexual & reproductive health

Dawn Thomson – Sex therapist and speaker – confidence builder and self esteem booster.

I hope some of you will find this post sharing beautiful voices useful x x x

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