Oh, this old thing?

Sometimes you’ve just got to invest in some sexy lingerie to make everything right with the world – then act casual like you just threw it on.

Here’s the long version.

Tabitha a white woman with light hair stands tall looking down at the camera wearing a sheer full length nightie gown / robe revealing her boob beneath for sexy lingerie blog. Flared cuffs lined with faux fur make this the garment to die for

I’ve been feeling a bit dunted this year which I think a lot of us have, so have decided to cheer myself up my getting out these pics from a couple of months ago when I bought myself this sexy lingerie gown from Luke and Jack in Glasgow – where I always am made to feel like a princess!

And I’ve missed taking part in Sinful Sunday where lots of folks share their sexy images – so if you feel like more, do click those hot lips below. Some are very erotic, just to let you know!

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12 thoughts on “Oh, this old thing?

  1. Sultry, svelte and sensationally sexy. Great to see you back in such stunning form. Encore.

  2. Oh Tabitha you look absolutely amazing in this and it is so lovely to see you back on Sinful Sunday again


  3. I’m always a sucker for Black & White images, but this is gorgeous. You look fabulous, the lingerie is beautiful. Just a great Sinful Sunday post. 🙂

  4. Wow. Mesmerising. Absolutely wonderful.. Why would anyone want to spank you when you look so alluring.

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