Saturday Spankings – A First Time for Everything

Hello her-stern-gentleman-tabitha-rayne-spanking-new-romanceand welcome to my first Saturday Spankings


Since my new book is all about the spankings I thought it was high time I joined in with this hop – now, if you’ve read this and need more erotic discipline in your life, follow the links below for more saucy sexy spanky posts 🙂

This is a snippet from my new book, Her Stern Gentleman – hope you enjoy!


“What do you think happens to dirty girls who mess their pretty peach panties?”

Thoughts, images, sounds, and shapes tumble through Lizzie’s consciousness as his hand leaves her and hovers high.

This is it, she thinks, this is it. She clenches everything hard and tight and hears the smack before she feels it. A waft of air precedes the contact and time stills as it swirls endlessly in the dark shadows. Smack! Her body rocks forward and he grabs her hips to steady her. The grip is strong and her flesh is burning. Her knickers are wet now—she feels a torrent flow from her intimate space and the smell of his manliness is being obscured by her own feminine musk.


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