Pinhole Prick Tease

Pinhole Prick Tease

Pinhole Prick Tease – listen to the aural sex audio

CW: ambiguous flirtations

My stepdad’s brother called me a prick tease. I didn’t know what it meant at the time but it did make me slide along the wall holding my breath, making myself small and thin to get past him.

Then another guy my own age said the same thing after we’d been kissing and I’d pulled my hand away from the bulge in his shorts as he pressed it against me.

I got a reputation for being frigid. I wasn’t really sure what that meant either but it sounded better than a prick tease, maybe?

Anyway – me and another boy were in the same photography night class. I loved the class but he was a creep. Of course we’d end up in the dark room and I’d fancied him at first.

We made pinhole cameras together. Oat boxes with photographic paper to capture our image upside-down and inside out. I couldn’t believe a hole so tiny could create so much wonder.

Just a flash to the world and the image was seared to its simple retina. Slightly skewed. Like life itself. A truer representation than the hyper real digital images.

The magic had only started – it was magnified tenfold in the dim hot chemically space of the dark room. I’d be febrile with excitement as the distorted fish eye images appeared from nowhere.

And that energy of creating has a way of making me feel wild and out of control. The burning excitement had me high and I turned to face him in the dark and pressed my body to his the way that other boy had to me, breathing through my nose. I mashed my lips into his awkwardly and stiffly, suddenly realising it was all wrong.

“Oh, em, oh,” I stuttered as he tried to keep smearing his saliva over my face. “Sorry I, well…”

But I didn’t know what to say I was sorry for. I was just high and excited and wanted to share it with someone but not like that. Not like that at all.

He pulled away and stormed out the room allowing light to poison my photo.

I was sobbing as I clutched the paper, shoving it quickly into the fixative tray but it was too late, my image started to recede, back into its background.

I started to think of my vagina like a pinhole camera. Such a tiny thing, yet so capable of causing such mayhem.

I often think of this if I’m with a lover, they don’t know it but when I pull my knickers to the side and give them a flash of my pussy, I’m inwardly recording the moment, searing the image of our fuck to my soul.

Weird isn’t it?

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