Orgasmic Rapture

I’ve neglected you, I’m sorry.

Orgamsic Rapture – I wrote this for you x x

The rising

The arch

the bend

the clench and release.

To watch you in your orgasmic rapture drives me insane.

Did you know your thighs tremble and your toes point and flex, like the perfect fluttering of a wing lifting into flight. The way your jaw tightens and your eyes screw shut, head thrashing side to side, in delicious agony, grasping, reaching, a desperate searching and holding as if it were just out of reach.

I wonder cruelly if I should interrupt your ministrations and edge you, but you are so in that space of sheer concentration, I don’t have the heart.

I watch you climb, higher, higher—your head tipped back now, tongue between teeth, body jerking, back arching as if you might snap and you hang on tight to the moment of cresting.

And you are cresting—I see it in the sudden way you’re no longer in the room with me—you’re somewhere else, coasting on that wave

hanging in suspended nowhere while every cell inside you stills for just a moment

And then…

And then…

You release

You’re in freefall, no longer striving for that place.

You’ve let go and ecstasy washes over you

flows through and out as you convulse around yourself with abandon—writhing and twitching, fingers pinned into place by your thighs and curled up body now spasming around in a different rhythm.

Slowing, peaking again and again as you twitch and shudder out your climax.

Your body unfurls and you softly roll back into your twisted sheets letting your hands flop to your sides as your legs fall open letting me see the glistening of your pleasure as I sit here, enraptured and panting—buzzing with want.

I’ll try not to leave it so long next time! I’ve been so busy elsewhere on the internet.

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Tabitha x x

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