One Down – 30 Days

One Down – a #30DayOrgasmFun post

I’m doing a project called 30 Days of Orgasms for a mental health boost – find out more and see who else is joining in!

You reached down, sleep still soft on our bodies, and found me molten between my legs.

Day one.

And instead of feeling stressed that I might let myself down by not coming, I was afraid I might I might tremble around your lightest touch before we’d even kissed.

Mmm, you sighed as your fingertips sank into me and I squirmed. I was desperate for your tongue – the expert way you feast and tease alternately, diving your fingers in and hooking at the perfect point. My whole body rose to attention and the air around us was electric. Arousal and static screeching from every pore.

You smiled and told me I had a cheeky expression as you dove beneath the duvet, dragging it back over yourself. I settled into the pillow and bit my lip as I clutched the covers to my chin.

You spread my legs wide and plunged your tongue to my pussy, gobbling me up and devouring me, as greedy for me as I was for you. Fingers pumped into my clutching cunt and within seconds your clever tongue had me spiralling off into the oblivion of fuck.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” was all I could say over and over as my orgasm peaked and rolled for what felt like eternity, but I pulled myself back into the here and now, paranoid of braking your neck with my thighs and the shaking power of my orgasm.

I relaxed my grip to allow you to breathe and you caressed me still, gently lapping to force yet more aftershocks out of me.

My whole body and soul was buzzing with the intensity and you slithered up beside me and snuggled into my neck.

“One down,” you said, “now that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

30 days of orgasms logo with a big pink and grey 30 with love hearts around and spurting liquid. #selfloveisselfcare
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I probably won’t manage to post every day, but I thought I ought to mark the first with some sex words x x x

8 thoughts on “One Down – 30 Days

  1. I am so glad you marked day one with sex words…especially since I can relate to this in so many ways. Well, in past moments. One day I will get my act together and participate in this particular project.

      1. Me too on the masturbation Mondays. I had the honour to tell Kayla that at Eroticon. This post Tabitha is so hot . I want to take part also and will do when time allows xxx

  2. That is one sexy photo! And thanks for hosting the event. It’s a great way to remind ourselves just how important our connection to our own bodies is.

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