No Piercing Required

It’s Sinful Sunday! I bought some new jewellery and felt like trying it on. 
This set is by Nipplelicious and adorns all the special parts above a lady’s waist. 

No piercing required

Click on those sexy lips to see who else is being sinful!

Sinful Sunday

A post script…

So one of the reasons I decided to take this picture and display it is because my mother died when she was quite young – of breast cancer – as I get nearer that age, the younger she gets. I am very similar to her in many ways both physically and spiritually so part of me lives with the thought that I will come to the same end around the same time. But this does not depress me in the slightest, it drives me to make each day special and find the world inspiring and invigorating even in hard times.
So I decided to be a little less prudish and a little more brave – after all, yer a lang time deid! This picture is my celebration of that.

Thanks for stopping by x x x

21 thoughts on “No Piercing Required

  1. Beautiful jewelry resting upon beautiful breasts. I too lost my mother to cancer (cervical). I lived in fear for many years due because of my genetics and family history. Now I don't let that fear rule me and I try to enjoy each day I am healthy and happy.

    1. Thank you Great Love Toys – it's a sad loss but I'm glad you're healthy and happy! Life is such a precious joy x x

  2. Gorgeous jewelry!
    I recently had a scare but have remained healthy, to my joy. I did lose two friends, classmates of mine, recently to cancer and feel blessed o be spared.

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. This is a beautiful image. Your pictures are always stunning. This one has an even more poignant delicate beauty with the addition of your words.

    1. Thank you – I always struggle putting words to images and usually don't but this one was different – they came easy this time x x

  4. Damn it… pressed the button to soon. Hurrah for being brave, I hope throwing a bit of caution and your top to the wind, made you smile… I can image the grin without seeing it


  5. You're so beautiful, I think I might cry. Utterly lovely jewellery, so glad it brings out the bravery in you. You'll be so glad you took this and published it in the future, no matter what. I'm awestruck by this picture. It's the most beautiful thing I've seen to date on Sinful Sunday. You're your own work of art.

    1. No, I might cry. Can you imagine what it feels like to get such a beautiful comment? Thank you Jo – so generous and amazing of you to say those things x x x

  6. Oh, this made me tear up a bit, too. Your Sinful Sunday pictures are always so beautiful, but this one especially so, not least because of the reasons behind it x

    1. Thank you – sorry you teared up! I tried to keep it as light as I could but I guess when there's heavy, there's heavy…
      x x x

  7. Breasts of all shapes and sizes should be celebrated every day. And your beautiful breasts are no exception.

    May you live a long and healthy life that includes their display in gorgeous photographs like this one.

    Beautiful and poignant post… x

  8. What a beautiful picture, I’ve always wanted to get some jewelry like that but haven’t gotten up the nerve yet. Thank you for shAring.

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