New Ruby Glow Website!

New Ruby Glow Website!

I’m breezing on in to share my big news – yes, you guessed it, Ruby Glow has a new website!

in case you are new to my blog, Ruby Glow is an award winning ride-on vibrator I invented. It’s for all those among us who love a good hump and grind! Please check out the new site and subscribe for updates. I’ve got 2 new sex toys coming out this year so would be delighted to have you along for the ‘ride’ 🙂

picture or Ruby Glow which has 2 humps and a dip - dual motors and text says:

How does it work?
Because of the saddle style design, the Ruby Glow massages and stimulates the whole vulva and vagina area.


Two independently vibrating pads are held in place by the pubic bone and operated by controls to the front. You can rock and grind against them or relax and let the vibrations do all the work.


It can be used through underwear or is skin safe for full body contact.

If you use alt text to read website pages I’d be ever so grateful if you find any glitches over there, to let me know on [email protected] as I want to make it as accessible as possible but it is a different system than I’m used to so I may miss things. Thank you so much in advance!

In the meantime, please join me for some virtual bubbly – and the good news is, you can even raise a glass while riding Ruby Glow because, of course, it’s…

smiling woman with long grey hair with the words HANDS-FREE in bold over the top
Hands-free, Ride-on orgasms!

Lots of hands-free, ride-on, non-penetrative, orgasmic love from Tabitha and Ruby Glow HQ x x x

same lady as feature image - closed eyes and beautific smile with word ORGASMIC over the top

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