Nature and Nurture

Nature and Nurture – photo by Exposing 40

So here is another shot from my day in the woods with Exposing 40

Her pictures from last week, I’m delighted to say, made Holden and Camille’s top 5!

I love the surroundings of these photos, nature endeavouring to grow through the bricks and me in the midst of it feeling nurtured by the lovely photographer.

I can’t thank Exposing 40 enough for letting me be part of her body positive project, she’s a very special lady indeed.

Now, if you want to roam around in search of more saucy Sunday Sinners – click those lips!


24 thoughts on “Nature and Nurture

    1. Yes, it was at the same moment with different filters and zoom I think. Thank you – we were both so excited when you included it in your top five x x x

  1. I drew all my breath in when I saw this – it’s one of my favorite SS photos ever! This is just… *slowly lets breath out*. Your soft skin against the rough bricks and the patterns that the light makes on your body and the vines growing around you are glorious. I can’t stop staring!!!

  2. I love photos of people in nature and this is no exception, although it is exceptional. So beautiful.

  3. This is so beautiful! I just love the way you contrast with, yet totally seem to belong in this place of nature and industry. There’s something dystopian about the crumbling brick structure that really tells a story with you the heroine.

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