Maisie Loves Spanking Stories

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Maisie Loves Spanking Stories part 1 (with audio)

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And there it was.

Maisie loves spanking stories.

She had been mucking around on twitter, you know, put in ‘your name loves’… and click autofill for something profound.

Thing was, it had never even crossed Maisie’s mind that spanking stories were even a thing, let alone could be her thing.

She didn’t post the tweet, instead, she put ‘spanking stories’ into Google and felt the heat gather in her knickers before she even hit search.

A whole new world opened up. From the first pulsating over the knee scene to a full-on dominatrix caning Maisie was hooked.

She imagined herself bent over the arm of her sofa, eagerly waiting for someone to come in. If only that would happen. She’d had to make do with her own hairbrush and delighted in the red rose that bloomed on the side of her buttock as she watched in the mirror. The swish and sting made her feel like a very bad girl. A very kinky bad girl.

Maisie had had a few boyfriends in the past but something had been missing, a certain dominance, or roughness. Now she knew exactly what it was. She needed to be punished.

The blush on her ass cheeks spread warmth through to her pussy then a rosy glow gathered at her décolleté then face. Maisie looked at the brush handle and could barely admit to herself what her body was begging her to do.

She smacked her ass again at the impertinence of the image that had flashed in her mind’s eye.

But then…

She quickly glimpsed around the bathroom to check her locked private flat was still empty of anyone, then lifted the handle of the brush to her mouth. She watched as she licked the tip getting it good and moist, though she could feel arousal already trickling from her hungry cunt. She clenched, hesitating for a second then brought the brush to her mound, bucking her pelvis forward to meet it. She started tapping with the flat of the brush head on the plump bulge of her pussy lips. She spread her legs wide in front of the mirror, her tights not quite pulled up enough, left a tantalising buffer between the brush and her crotch. She smacked a little harder and the brush made contact. Her wetness now visible on the fabric, moisture glistening on the tortoiseshell.

She turned the bristles toward her cunt and spread wider, watching all the while in the mirror. Suddenly it was all too much, her cunt was yearning, her nipples peaking, and her legs trembling. The nylon felt pervy and constricting, it was a barrier she wanted rid of. She dragged the brush hard over her pussy until the tights snagged and laddered and a hole appeared, she reached with her fingers and ripped it apart, pulling her knickers aside too. Her cunt was ruddy and raw, swollen from need and the beating she’d just administered. She flicked her gaze up and caught the wild sex crazed look in her own eyes.


She turned the handle towards her cunt and thrust it inside her. She winced as she stretched to accommodate it but she was so turned on it slid in easily, squelching sounds of need arousing her more. Ah, ah yes, so good.

She wobbled her way to the bedroom the brush still stuck inside her and lay back on the bed. It felt so good to be pounding herself. The crease of her wet knickers still yanked to the side caused friction at her clit and she fucked herself harder, hearing mewling groaning noises she was making herself.

Suddenly she needed more. She needed to be spanked properly. She was desperate, and clawed at the bedsheets, twisting and rolling into them onto her front, clamping her legs around the brush while her pussy pulsed. She could come in an instant but her need for a spanking was greater.

She was like a crazed wild thing. Who could she call? None of her ex boyfriends would be up for this, she was convinced she they didn’t have it in them.


Amanda looked like the kind of woman who’d cane you and fuck you with it while smoking a cigarette as you whimpered and burned beneath her. Amanda lived right below Maisie. They’d swapped numbers to keep tabs on bin collections and communal shit like that but Maisie had always felt that Amanda looked down on her. She now realised that it was the men she was with that Amanda looked had down on.

Panting, Maisie grabbed for her phone and dialled the number….

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Forgive my amateur audio recording here – hopefully it’s a little sexier than the screen readers! If you love audio porn I recommend Girl on The Net audio and the new Frolic Me audio porn section

I was also inspired to leave you hanging because I love the way Ms F Dot Leonora brings it every single week! She’s one classy tease!…

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20 thoughts on “Maisie Loves Spanking Stories

  1. What a hot and steamy little piece this is! Your writing is descriptive and real, made me feel like I was there watching Maisie as she discovered spanking, and the joys her hairbrush could bring her!

    1. Oh thank you so much! There’s a couple of hesitations at the start but hopefully I find my flow to the end – thank you so much for saying so! It’s getting easier and comments like this really help, thank you really x x x

  2. This was really hot. I love how the need built up, and she got more and more into it, not being able to stop herself, having discovered this new kind of hers. Delicious!

  3. How very intimate and arousing. I find the thought of a same sex dominant somehow adds to my humiliation.

  4. I succumb to that desire to contact a dominant for a release that is hard to surpass and I recognise the power of the build up to that call.

  5. The line “Amanda looked like the kind of woman who’d cane you and fuck you with it while smoking a cigarette as you whimpered and burned beneath her.” made me shivery with anticipation – you’ve written such a hot story here, and I’m enjoying the thoughts of what might happen next.

    1. Thank you so much Quinn- I had such a vision of Amanda when I wrote that – my perfect woman 😀 😀 glad you liked her too x x x

  6. OMG, this is hot! I love this part:

    “She flicked her gaze up and caught the wild sex crazed look in her own eyes.


    That’s exactly how I feel (and yes, look) sometimes, you capture the feeling of wild, crazy need so well. Looking forward to part 2.

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