Loud Pipes and Lucky Boots

Loud Pipes and Lucky Boots

Wow, it’s been a long time, I’ve almost forgotten how to format a blog post!

I’ve just not really been taking part in much but I woke up excited for Sinful Sunday and here’s why – My new Lucky Boots arrived from Ebay and I am in love with my motorbike.

It’s a Royal Enfield Himalayan and I got it the weekend before lockdown so I’ve only been out a couple of times delivering medication to a sheilding relative. I’m telling you, those moments of freedom are fleeting but oh so sweet.

I have to get on it occasionally and start it up to make sure the battery isn’t flat so I thought I’d do it in my best dress and lucky boots!

It feels good to hear her spark in to life – her growly voice and loud pipes filling the village for a moment or two!

Can’t wait to get back on the road – But not too soon!

Happy Sinful Sunday

Hey, Girl on the Net has a new story of mine up on her Audio Porn project, read by Leo DeLuci and it sounds sooooo good – take a listen to Spanked in the Woods! or read the original post here.

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13 thoughts on “Loud Pipes and Lucky Boots

  1. Those boots are gorgeous, darling! I wanna tell you to be careful now. As motorbikes fill me with fear and dread. *LOL* It’s like we’ve traded places doing the mumsying! Love you!

  2. Times as now and empowered by your erotic and esotric article I need more than spanked in the woods

  3. There is something very hot about it! I’m not a motorcycle person myself, all my non-car transportation being leg-powered, but I certainly understand the feeling of freedom!

  4. Well … I have been known to enjoy Cowgirl … and riding of course! … But I’ve always been scared of motor-bikes.
    But you make this look so … well, just plain sexy !!!
    Wonderfully creative … and adventurous … as always.
    Love it !!!

  5. Holy moly Tabitha this is sexy as hell. I can just picture you whizzing through the countryside on your bike


  6. Oooo love the bike!
    The lines are fantastic and I’m curious what the sound is like
    My oldest got me much more interested in bikes than I had been years ago
    He only had a 50cc permit but had taste, was riding a Masai in black and red, did not look like a “scooter” haha

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