Light in Places – #30DayOrgasmFun

Light in Places – #30DayOrgasmFun for #SinfulSunday

Why hello! Welcome to my Sinful Sunday – The prompt for April is Song Title

I simply could not pass up a chance to share lyrics and a video from my favourite artist ever. Peaches.

Please watch the video above  (there’s actual ass lasers) – and then get lost in the world of Peaches

Light in Places

I got Light in places, you didn’t know it could shine…

I’m an everlasting iconoclast
I came to destroy the past
My stargasm makes the blast
Shake the system, then surpass
Liberate en masse
Eliminate the class
All humans, free at last
So much beauty coming out of my ass
My photo was also inspired by the gorgeous Eye’s Sinful Sunday, Annunciation – when I say inspired, I mean I totally copied it… take a look.
I was lying in the sun, post #30DayOrgasmFun climax when I lifted my legs and they captured a beam which shone directly to my clit! It was glorious – a tiny personal natural miracle.
Curious about #30DayOrgasmFun? – click here for original post. Join in and have some fun
For more sinful song lyric inspired images, click those sexy lips!
See you next time x x x
Obviously the copyright for these lyrics belongs to Peaches, I’m posting them gratefully and hope she doesn’t mind me sharing her genius with you all! 🙂

24 thoughts on “Light in Places – #30DayOrgasmFun

  1. Really doesn’t matter how you came by it, or the inspiration behind it, that is a wonderful photo. Once again, Ms R, you spoil us.


  2. absolutely wonderful, your image just conjures up so much thought in my mind, thank you also for introducing me to that song, this is what I love about Sinful Sunday it is NOT just about the image, it encompasses thoughts and feelings as well

  3. This reminded me of the photo Eye posted straight away! It was a beautiful photo, I can see why you were inspired by it.
    The light is so perfectly placed and I love the glow on the outside of your legs. It’s a really fantastic shot!
    Aurora x

    1. Thank you Aurora, I loved Eye’s photo so much! And my legs are glowing because all the hairs are back lit 😀
      It was a lucky shot 😀

  4. And what an image to get your inspiration from, it was amazing, as is yours. The way the sunlight picks out even the fine hairs on your legs…wow!!

    Cool video! I now want a butt laser 😀

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