Let’s Go Find Utopia

Let’s Go Find Utopia – a Masturbation Monday post


For MM this week – here’s a snippet from the third book in my sex trilogy – The Meeting Point. I thought of it because of the wonderful prompt from Kayla – link at the end… (now there’s an incentive to read on… 😉 )

The Meeting Point - A Clockwork Butterfly trilogy Book 3

From The Meeting Point – five minute read

“Come on!” she screamed back at her companions. “Run with me!” Soon her raw ankles were being caressed by soft grasses as she ran faster and faster, allowing herself a carefree lollop as Angelo came tearing up beside her, dragging the limping Mae with  him.

“Oh my God, Lena, we’ve made it!” Mae squealed and bumped her shoulder into Lena’s just as Angelo did the same on the other side, sandwiching her between them.


They did it again and Lena tripped, though she was not so sure it was an accident. The thrill of running without fear had brought an excitement she hadn’t felt for ages. The excitement of hope and freedom. Her lovers fell on her and they tumbled together in the springy grass, moist with nighttime dew.

“It’s proper lush, Lena! That freaky old witch wasn’t lying!” Mae squealed.

Lena let herself giggle and roll among the bodies, laughing and breathing into each other. She wished she could look at the rich greenery, but they traveled by night and the landscape was still gray. There was no denying the health and vitality of the field beneath them as they playfully wrestled, the shrieking and panting slowly turning to groans and long nasal breaths as excitement turned to lust. She found herself lying next to Mae with Angelo straddling both of them, pinning them into the earth. His eyes glinted with desire as he looked down at them both, licking his lips.

Lena bucked her hips to dislodge him a little. Want was building in her sex and she wanted to open her legs to the night. The world suddenly felt full and fecund and Lena wanted to feel the full force of the raw, fertile wilderness. She wriggled in the grass and grappled with Mae’s top with one hand and Angelo’s waistband with the other.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing? I’m calling the shots here, or hadn’t  you noticed?” Angelo pushed his weight down, pressing the women by the pelvises. They both giggled as he told them to be quiet. “I mean it. I am in control here. We have company, in case you had forgotten.”

Lena fell silent and felt her cheeks redden in the darkness. It was beyond belief, but she wanted him. She wanted to be taken now by her lover, here in the grass, and by the mewling coming from her right she could hear that Mae did too.

“I’m going to make you come together,” he said with a rawness to his voice which had Lena smiling to the roots of her hair. Dampness oozed from her heating pussy and she wriggled again, just a little, to try and ease the rising need. “I’m going to finger you both at the same time until your pretty little cunts convulse around me.”

It was shocking. It was a shocking statement, and Lena blushed at his words and at how wet they had made her. He shifted his hips and wriggled down the women’s legs, sliding his palms up their inner thighs. Lena glanced at Mae whose head was tipped back in anticipation of the ecstasy she was about to receive. All Lena could think about was how different their pussies might feel. They must be different down there. It had never bothered her before, and she was angry at herself for letting these thoughts intrude on what should be a thrilling, secret finger-fuck in the grass while their traveling companions were none the wiser.

Angelo’s hand squeezed the top of her thigh firmly and his middle finger probed between the fleshy cushions. Mae groaned and wriggled by her side, but Lena remained stock-still, her breath held high in her chest. All the other times, the women had been taking turns-this simultaneous stimulation was intense. What if Mae’s pussy was better than hers, more juicy, or suckled him tighter, deeper, harder? Lena clamped her soaking thighs shut and Angelo growled.

“What do you think you’re doing?” His voice was a low, menacing whisper, and Lena was even more confused. She was feeling ashamed and inadequate and the purring to her right wasn’t helping things. Why couldn’t she just live in the moment like   Mae?

“Sorry, I’m just…”

“Uptight and needing to come?” Angelo dipped to her ear, his voice steady yet unbearably horny. “There will be no hang-ups here. You are my lovers. Both of you. You are both perfect. Now lie back, relax, and let me fuck you.”

He leaned in and kissed Lena very quickly and very hard on the lips. So hard that her teeth bruised into her pout. He seemed to have read her mind. His hand was still firmly clamped to her thigh and she let her muscles relax, surprised to see she sank into the grass by about three centimeters.

“That’s better,” he said on a breath.

Lena let her legs flop. They were still pinned together, but without the force of her clamping shut, Angelo began to massage her. Lena could see the rhythm was the same with both arms. They were getting the same treatment. His fingers were slipping around in her flesh, massaging and kneading. It felt like her sex had become a myriad of fleshy, wet cushions being pummeled and ground. All focus was down at her center and she couldn’t tell if he was   inside her now or she engulfing him. She floated away on a wave of feeling stretched yet held at the same time, and liquid flowed and oozed from the very point where she began. Her entire sex felt plump, ripe, and ready. The kneading had become a pumping and thrusting, and Lena grabbed her own tits, thumbing the nipples as she rose to meet the penetrating hand of her lover.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, what are you doing to me?” Mae said, stuttering and writhing beside her. Ferocious heat was building between them all. “Fuck, Angelo, I’m coming. Oh fuck, oh fuck. What have you done to me?”

Lena felt the same as she suddenly felt her pussy open up and engulf Angelo in a shattering explosion. The moment fragmented around her and she was a convulsing mass of flesh gathering up her lovers in her embrace.

The two women lifted their upper bodies, folding in on themselves, huddling over Angelo’s hands which were still firmly clamped to each of their pussies. Lena couldn’t stop shaking, and Mae was right there beside her, matching each shudder.

“Wow, that was something else,” gasped Mae, a shaking hand snaking toward   Angelo’s crotch.

He quickly extracted his fingers and rolled up onto his haunches, relieving the  pressure on his lovers’ thighs. Blood rushed in and Lena’s legs tingled in that hideous way just before pins and needles start.

“I’ll wait,” he said, rising to standing. He held out his still wet hands to Lena and Mae.

Mae took it without hesitation and hopped up beside him, kissing him lightly on the lips. “It will be worth it,” she purred, taking the chance to run her palm over the bulge in Angelo’s trousers.

Lena pushed herself to standing, still feeling shaky and a bit self-conscious. She tried to glimpse at both his hands, trying to make out which one glistened with the most lady come. She wasn’t sure if she wanted it to be her or Mae. Not that this was a competition, she was just…feeling inadequate.

“We must continue a little more. Hazel says she thinks there’s a forest nearby.” Deborah’s words dispelled Lena’s strange paranoia and she jumped up, nudging her lovers  on.

“Come on, let’s go find  utopia.”


Read more about The Meeting Point here.

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