I’m Sorry I’m So Silent

I’m Sorry I’m So Silent

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Lovely Marie from Rebels Notes – Wicked Wednesday chose this tale as one of her top three posts this week – click here for more. I’m very pleased, especially as it is one of my more melancholy tales x x x

I’m Sorry I’m So Silent

I’m sorry I say nothing as you moan seductively in my ear about wanting me. Growling into my neck, nibbling and telling me how you are going to eat me up, sending me off in a fractal of sensation. Telling me all the things you’re going to do to me while I melt and liquefy under your touch. Silent and unmoving.

I work so hard to fend off the images daily, hourly, minutely, that to have them disappear is a moment I have to work to savour. The daggers that usually spear my veins, retreat with your touch. The blades that pierce and scorch my flesh diminish and blunt with your voice and beautiful filthy words. Your tongue drips healing nectar over my thirsty famished skin and it’s all I can to do be still in the moment. I am focussed and walking a balance beam. It takes all my power to remain steady while you rock me to the core with your sex. When you slide your fingers up inside my cunt, for a moment I falter but you stop and hold me fast. Telling me how much I need this – how much you need this. I steady my focus and your fingers push in, opening me up and I finally relax back into your chest as you hook your arms around me tighter.

The rising begins as you pat my clit with the other hand, gently at first then harder and harder. Your fingers are fucking me now – raw and deep and my body undulates, hips beckoning you deeper inside. My nails grip your thighs and flesh where they can and your filthy whisperings become ferocious.

“That’s it, that’s let, let go. Let that pretty wet cunt flood my hands with your come. Let it out.”

Your own cunt is pressing against my back, pulsing and humping into me from behind. The build in my pussy expands and I’m off. Spiralling up into my release, hanging in the void. Waiting for the crash. A whimper escapes me from far away. Then I’m growling and snarling. Falling to earth in a flurry of fuck words and writhing.

“Ah, yeah, fuck me fuck me with your hands, take me hard anywhere, fuck I’m coming, I’m coming on your fingers you filthy hot bitch.”

And you’re biting me now, my shoulders, my neck, my back, making me come and come, the aftershocks have me flailing and spasming out of control. My body flips and bucks like a wild thing and my silence is utterly broken.

When we are calm you hold me still again. You smooth my brow and caress my breasts with your magic touch. These moments are precious. I guard them carefully knowing the silence is lurking at the edge of the room.

“I love you,” I say quickly before the knives creep up the bed.

“You too,” you reply quietly, knowing the words will be gone again soon.

Do you know in these moments you make me whole? Do you know in the moments that I’m writhing on your expert fingers, that you are my saviour?

Masturbation Monday prompt

This story is inspired (if you can call it that) by the demons inside and the angels outside. But also by the amazing photo prompt above from Kayla and Masturbation Monday and the lyric prompt from Marie’s Wicked Wednesday – ‘Don’t Give Up…Turn around and start again’. Click the lovely icons for more erotic words. Yes, I know it’s Tuesday but hey – I managed to catch both! And they both inspired me.

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24 thoughts on “I’m Sorry I’m So Silent

    1. Thank you Marie – slightly melancholy I guess – well probably a lot melancholy, but that is for me, the beauty of erotica, we can explore and heal these things, if only for the briefest of moments x x

  1. Oooh . . . goodness . . . that was really very . . . very . . . arousing reading!
    And yes, you are right, that is an amazing photo-prompt.
    Has got me thinking, remembering . . . thinking again! LOL!!! . . . that photo, and your words!
    Very naughty!!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Maybe it’s because of my own inner demons but this struck an amazing cord with me. Oh, and it turned me the hell on (of course). I am so glad you were inspired this week. So very, very glad.

    1. Thank you Kayla – isn’t it funny how things are activated in your mind? This has been simmering away for days but the 2 prompts were what triggered the actual writing it down.

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