I’m a Smutylmpian!

Look at my lovely prizes!
I won gold at the Smutylmpics! Watching
all this amazing Olympic action makes me wish I’d stuck in at sports –so I was delighted when the fabulous Victoria
Blisse and Lucy Felthouse launched The Smutylimpics. Well, I went along and read the event blogs with some fantastic stories to
whet your athletic appetite =
I read a story by Lisabet Sarai once which
just blew my mind – her work can combine such spirituality and sexuality – something
which I love to explore – anyhoo – I commented on her Smutylimpic entry and lo and
behold – my comment won me a gold prize! And I got a massive bag of swag
sponsored by Erotica For all. See picky… 
I do feel like a very lucky girl! But there’s more – I wanted to share a story with you – for
all my naughty word play and filthy story making, I am cringingly prudish about
a lot of things – one of which is ordering personal or risqué things from
catalogues or the internet – (I know, in this day and age, can you imagine??)
And I’ll tell you why. Now most ladies will
tell you that at a certain time in our school careers, we get separated form
the boys and taken to a hall where a nurse tells us all about our changing
bodies. Now, as if that isn’t’ embarrassing enough, at the end you are given
the opportunity to fill in your address to get some samples of the equipment
you will be needing as you approach womanhood. So, after being reassured that
it would be in the most careful and discreet packaging, I duly signed up for
these intimate lady treasures.
Fast forward 14 days to a banging on the
door and my name being called. Could it be my parcel? I ran down the stairs
excited and nervous and opened the front door to an extremely handsome postman
holding out a clear plastic bag with a ripped brown paper package inside with
tampons, panty liners and some strange elastic contraption spilling around
inside. He held it up and peered at me through it, apologising for the mishap,
and told me that it didn’t look like anything was missing.
I died. I did. Then I died again. I think I
spent the rest of the afternoon cringing and dying into my pillow.
So that’s why I usually go to shops to by
anything of an intimate nature.
I have got over it to a certain degree from
ordering naughty books but my package from Erotica For all – contained a little
more sauce than just books!
And it arrived safely! In one piece.
I might be getting over my teenage horror
At last.
Thanks Smutylimpics!!! X x x 
I’m off to have fun with my goody bag… see you in a while x

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