I am the Moon – part 2 – Werewolf Love

Content warning – consensual non-consent, shapeshifting, werewolf lust

I am the Moon – Part 2 – Werewolf Love

Welcome to part two of this shapeshifting Werewolf love story – read part 1 here – Werewolf Lust

Two of my favourite films since I was a girl are – American Werewolf in London and The Company of Wolves – a deliciously fascinating and erotica topic – and more recently, bloody hell, that scene in the BBC’s Dracula – I mean… fuck ME!

So here’s my attempt at some Werewolf love – I fucking LOVE IT!

I am the Moon Part 2

I am early. I tried, oh how I tried to be late! But time seemed to freeze. No matter what I did, I could not be distracted and so here I am and an eternity has passed since closing time at the museum. I pull my fake sheepskin coat tight around me to stave off the evening chill. I had big dilemmas on what to wear, what to shower in, which perfume to choose. Until, in the end I kept on my day clothes and dabbed my pulse points with my own fragrant scent gathered from between my wanton thighs. My pussy has not recovered from the afternoon encounter and is still twitching with heat, want and moisture. My knickers are soaked and the tops of my thighs are raw where I have rubbed them together as I walked to try to gain some relief from my aching.

When I feel like an hour has passed I check my watch. 8.59. At last the door swings open and a huge figure swoops down and lifts me off my feet. Just as my neck falls back and I am pulled into the building, the clouds flit across the sky to reveal a full moon. The door closes hard behind us and we are at once engulfed in darkness.

His breath is thick and hot on my neck and his hands tear at my clothing, pulling my coat off and throwing it to the ground. He pushes me into the wall and his head dips to my chest as he exposes my breasts, roughly grabbing them and sinking his face into them. My nipples respond, violently peaking, and I grab his thick hair, holding him into me, letting his mouth devour and suckle me. I shift my feet to the sides and wriggle my bum against the wall to ride my skirt up.

He notices, of course he does, and reaches down, slicing the fabric off me with a nail. I shudder. He stops and stands before me, still in darkness. Just as I brace myself for another round, I feel the lining of my coat being gently replaced around my shoulders.

‘Come.’ His voice winds around and into my ear like a dark secret. ‘It’s not yet time.’ He takes my hand and I follow.

I can smell the differences in the rooms we pass through and inhale deeply as we enter my room. My wolf room. I expect to be stopped and ordered down onto the fur but we keep walking. I’m disappointed. He must sense the shift as he tugs on my wrist. My feet catch on something and I realise we are climbing a steep, spiralling staircase.

‘Where are we going?’ I ask as I hear the jangle of keys and a door being unlocked. He says nothing as we enter a small room aglow with candlelight. I blink and take in my surroundings. It’s a security office with one wall covered in closed-circuit TV camera monitors. ‘So this is your lair,’ I say while moving towards the desk. I trace my hand over the keyboard and jump as one of the screens flickers into life.

‘Sit.’ He pushes me into the springy office chair and reaches over me. I can smell him, his scent is deeply masculine, with a dark feral edge. I follow his arm with my nose and press it into the thick covering of hair. Shrugging me off, he taps something into the computer. All nine of the monitors illuminate and each one displays the same scene. My fur room. I stretch out my legs and push the chair backwards, it catches on a rug or carpet and I look down. It’s my wolfskin—here! I turn to get up but he blocks my way.

‘Watch,’ he hisses. I obey.

As I stare at the empty room on the TVs I start to get distracted by my fur again, so tantalisingly close and my head flops back a little. He is there instantly pushing me up, crushing his face into the back of my neck. It feels delicious and I press against it while his hand reaches around and pins my thigh to the chair. With the other he fixes my head straight and continues kissing my neck. The tiny hairs covering my entire body rise as a woman enters the picture on the screen. She is wearing a blouse, skirt, stockings and heels.

It is me.

Times nine. I am shocked and mortified and try to twist my face away but his grip is fierce.

‘Watch,’ he repeats…

Stay tuned for the next part of this shapeshifting werewolf lust story – coming tomorrow! HALLOWEEN!

Remember, tonight is the Smutathon Spooky Smut Slam event! 10pm for spooky sexy erotica by your fave sex writers in aid of Endometriosis UK – hoping to see you there!

The finale of this story will be on the big day itself, which is particularly apt as we have a very special the moon this year known as Halloween Hunter’s Blue Moon!

Yes! Halloween coincides with the full moon which is not only a blue moon (second full moon of the month) but it is also the Hunter’s Full Moon – this phenomenon was last seen in 1944 – Happy Halloween indeed! What a night to be out moonbathing which is exactly what I intend to do.

If you hear any howling… you’ll know it’s some Werewolf love

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