The Hirsute of Happiness – in Praise of the Unruly Bush

In Praise of the Unruly Bush – a Sinful Sunday post

So I’ve always had an an unruly bush – I used to be embarrassed about it. I have tried in the past to tame it with waxing or razors but when it’s exposed, I feel like I’m being shouted at from below. A constant chatty companion that won’t be quiet. So I let it go wild and free.

I’m finally feeling able to be loud and proud because one of my closest and most fashionable friends has recently grown a magnificent bush, so in praise of hers, I’m showing mine :).

And I also came upon this survey by Sh! WomenstoreΒ and it turns out (from this survey at least) many other women wear a fuller bush too!

So hooray for the bush – whether yours is mighty, unruly, clipped, fluffy down, or a hair-free smooth delight!


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18 thoughts on “The Hirsute of Happiness – in Praise of the Unruly Bush

  1. Rocking the bush and looking amazing. I am so fickle with mine. I vary between full on hairy, all bare and everything in between. I like them all and I love some methods of hair removal. I also like something to stroke sometimes. πŸ˜‰

  2. Your title made me smile even before I saw your lovely arms aloft photo unfolding before me.
    I’m all for being “wild and free” . . . though I do admit that, down below, it’s “smooth for me” !!!

    Xxx – K

  3. I love this, both the words and the image. I am an all shaved kinda girl but I love how your bush looks and I believe as you said in your piece hurrah for however you choose to have your pubes


  4. Fantastic photo with an important message. No one should feel embarrassed by how our bodies naturally are. Sometimes I feel like it’s an expectation to be shaven. I tend to go for a bit of both depending on how I’m feeling. By body, my rules! I really love your photo and your words!
    Aurora x

  5. Get it girl! I tend to sport a bush for the winter, like not shaving my legs. Keeping everything nice in warm in those cold months

  6. Love the photo and brilliant caption – looking fab… although we’d have to confess to both being proponents of closely groomed plumage! πŸ˜‰

  7. You are stunning! I don’t think your bush looks unruly…but if I did I would just say, “well, it’s owner is a little unruly”! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

  8. Lovely photo!

    And bush seems to be making a comeback. In 30 years’ time, we’ll be looking at old porn and saying, oh this must be 2000 to maybe 2017, cause all the girls are shaved. And it’ll be like us seeing vintage porn where the women have 1980s perms.

    Anyway, I like whatever I’m confronted with. Shaven is hot, and so is bush.

    (And a special shout-out for that line about “when it’s exposed, I feel like I’m being shouted at from below.”

  9. I love how women more and more are choosing what they prefer. I go for the shaven look because that is what I feel most comfortable with. Yay for going with the flow though!

  10. Hello Tabitha,

    Once upon a time I stumbled across an article in praise of pubic hair by an erotic author that I cannot seem to locate. There are mentions of “luxuriant tufts” and of the unshaven vulva, when aroused, having a “fecund aroma of a primordial forest where you could practically hear the triceratops humping” and also of easy maintenance.

    I’m not sure if I’m quoting the story properly but I’m wondering if you would be able to locate it since you’re in the biz.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Warm regards,

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