Hard Hat

Hard Hat – Making Up for Lost Encounters – A Sinful Sunday post

This year, like everyone else, I’ve missed so many chances to meet up with friends, trips have been cancelled and visitors too. I had been so looking forward to having Girl on the Net over for a few days in May and this weekend I would have had the joys of Exposing 40 in my life. Not to mention all the other ‘oh we musts’ and let’s meet soon’ which would have meant spontaneous catch ups…

Anyway, because there definitely would have been photos going on with me and Ms 40 this weekend had we been together, I took this on Wednesday morning around the time she was due to fly in. I couldn’t resist a quick photo of me on my mini digger before the hire company came to pick it up – I think it’s exactly what Ex 40 would have done!

I’ve taken quite a break from Sinful Sunday this year but I’m glad I had the opportunity to take this shot, Hard Hat, and dedicate it to my pal, Exposing 40.

Here’s some of our adventures when we’ve been together…

Catch us frolicking in the forest – where we spend most of our time – Double Trouble and Down in the Woods where we found some cabins and good use of them!

Or this – I felt like a goddess that day – Nature and Nurture.

And one of my favourites: Sin Salutation.

For more Sinful shots, click the lips below x x

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10 thoughts on “Hard Hat

  1. I couldn’t have resisted making the earth move either. Fabulously cheeky shot that I’m sure E40 would be proud of.

  2. Damn the plague. It has spoiled so many plans for so many people.

    I love your picture. It is fun and playful and that seems fitting for a tribute to Ex 40


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