Happy New Year!

2012 already? How did that happen?

So what’s all the resolution action going on out there then? I usually resolve not to resolve anything – that way, I can always feel good about my achievements and never have any disappointments… that’s the theory anyway.

My favourite resolution that I did keep to was to stop wearing black all the time. I stuck to that one and now relish colours and fabrics. All sorts of inspirational feelings can come from wearing particular colours. Like putting on your favourite song, a colourful skirt or top can make you feel fab. Orange is a favourite of mine with turquoise a close second. Oh, and RED!

Of course, there are a few things where my beloved black still lives on – like stockings and undies… but on the whole, colour, colour, colour!

Something I do need to do is tell you all about the sale at Beachwalk – where you can get Mia’s Books – click here to read a fab review

So, here’s to 2012 – May all your dreams come true!

Love T x x x

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