Half Done, Undone

Half Done, Undone – A Sinful Sunday painting
Hmmm just not sure about this – I showed the stages on Twitter – @tabithaerotica and it felt like being very naked – posting my paintings raw and as they come. I chose this one because it feels a bit more painterly – most people preferred the stage before without the white highlights. I kind of like how it has almost come undone. It took all my strength not to just go crazy and scrub it all out with the white.
Three ladies’ Sinful Sundays inspired this painting:
Legs McGee – AKA F Dot Leonora – all her leg posts
Oleander Plume – (Ass)istant
Malin James – Watching
And this book – Chemical Sex
See who else is sharing themselves – click on the sexy lips!
Sinful SundayHere’s the painting one stage before just in case you missed it on twitter and are wondering what I’m on about šŸ˜‰
Painting of legs by Tabitha Rayne

14 thoughts on “Half Done, Undone

  1. I like the white actually, it gives it a little shimmer of life somehow, almost like a tiny spark of electricity running through her and into him.


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