Girls in Boy’s Pants

Girls in Boy’s Pants – Lingerie, Boobday and 30 Days

Well I decided to join in Violet Falkes Lingerie is for Everyone and Hy’s Boobday.

There’s something about Girls in Boy’s pants that I find unbearable sexy. I love looking at women in all outfits but oversized male clothing really tips me over the edge.

So here’s my shots for the lingerie project.

Girls in Boy's Pants - Tabitha Rayne wearing boxers and a robe hanging open to reveal pants and boobs
Lingerie is for everyone logo purple background with white text and a black corset
boobday badge logo - text red Every Friday is Boobday - stripey cardy held open to reveal cleavage in black and white
And Friday is BOOBDAY! Hooray 🙂

Unexpected Surprises

And in other news, I missed 2 days of the 30 Days Orgasms – read my post here, so yesterday I was determined to make an effort.

I saw a tweet from Posy in her daisy pants and so I was thinking how stunning and sexy she looked and then got to thinking about girls in boy’s pants. It must have been working on me somewhere in my psyche as before I knew it I’d popped my new Womanizer Liberty into my pocket and gone down to the shower. I turned the water to ‘really hot’ and took the Womanizer with in me. Now, I’m not really a fan of the clitoral sucking toys as I’ve mentioned before, I just can’t get them to sit right on my clitoris, and I’m fearful of it ‘bumping’ the awkward gristly bit (that does not sound nice so you can see how this toy was already losing this battle).

I started with my nipples, nothing much there as they just aren’t sensitive. Again, imperceptible to me at the time, it must have done something ‘down there’ because by the time I nestled it into my nethers it felt quite comfy. I turned up the settings and all of a sudden, whoosh, I had a very unexpected climax!  Let’s just say, further investigation of efficacy will take place PDQ… 😉

I kindly received the toy from the lovely staff at the Womanizer stand at the ETO Show back in March. I will be revealing more in my full *review over at FrolicMe soon so I’ll let you know! *spoiler, it’s a good one 😉

Lots of love Tabitha x

30 day orgasm fun logo with pink lettering and the text #selfloveisselfcare

9 thoughts on “Girls in Boy’s Pants

  1. As a boy frequently in girls’ pants, I adore this. The visual dissonance gives me the same frisson. You look fabulous xx

  2. Sexy AF xx
    I too love wearing my OH’s boxers… There is something so sexy about wearing something that was so close to him!

    I too have also missed days for 30days – the start of this month has been unusually manic busy for me – so sadly when I hit bed, I am comatosing lol – I plan to try and catch up though so it all balances out lol x

  3. These are such beautiful, confident and casual shots. This is *such a look* and I love it – I’m envious – as a busty, bodacious babe the “girl in boys clothes” has never worked for me. I can only imagine what you could do with a crisp, white men’s button down! Thanks for joining in and all the lovely support!

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