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Come talk sex with me 🙂

PodcastHostLink to Listen Now!
Doing It!Hannah WittonLovely chat about sex
Is Our Love…?Lola Jean and Steve PentaHear all about bush porn
Egg Talks To…Kylie ReadThe business of sex
EventLocationDate 2021
UK time
Saucy Writer Chat
Dr J & Mischa Eliot
Twitter Spaces7pm Wed
28th July
The Twitter Spaces OG, Dr J sex therapist and educator with erotic author, Mischa Eliot – these 2 are adorable x
Saucy Writer Chat
Dawn Thomson
Instagram7pm Wed
21st July
Sex and relationship coach Dawn Thomson and I talk sex writing and erotica to improve your lovin!
Saucy Writer Chat
Annabelle Knight
Instagram7pm Wed
14th July
Join THE Annabelle Knight and I as we talk writing and sexual wellbeing.
Saucy Writer Chat
Girl on the Net
Twitter Spaces7pm Wed
7th July
I’ll be talking with the incredible Girl on the Net about all things sex writing and audio porn!
Saucy Writer Chat
Rude Awakening
Instagram7pm Wed
30th June
Talking erotic and spiritual awakening with Tallulah from Rude Awakening.
Live chat with
GB Sex Expert
Instagram4.30pm Wed
30th June
I’ll be joining Rebecca Dakin, GB Sex Expert on her Insta Live
Saucy Writer Chat
Sherryl Blu
Instagram7pm Wed
16th June
A live chat with Sherryl Blu, erotic author and sex educator. Link to recording.
Sexuality Spaces
Dr J
TwitterSpaces5pm Wed
26th May
Dr J Author and sex therapist and I chat erotic writing and sex toy inventing.
EventLocationDate 2020Description
SmutSlam Europe!Online8pm Thurs
15th July
A glorious night of spoken erotica – bring your best smutty stories!
Vaginismus Meet and TalkZoom7pm Thurs
18th June
A virtual meet with talks from guests
Sex SymposiumZoom2pm
9th May
A discussion panel on all things sex! With Tinted Blu
Vaginismus Meet and TalkZoom7pm
30th April
A virtual meet with talks from guests
Insta Live with SH!Your phone6.30pm
17th April
Watch on YouTube
Join me and Evie Fehilly to talk all things sexy
EroticonLondon14th & 15th MarchSex writers conference
Sheroes at Sh! London7-9pm 12th MarchCelebrating sex positive entrepreneurs with
Tabitha and guests
Dawn’s SalonEdinburgh26th FebruaryAn evening of talk and empowerment
Cocktales & Fuck TalesEdinburgh7-9pm 20th FebruaryEvening of bawdy Erotica
Dawn’s Salon Edinburgh22nd JanSex talk
Pure FanniesGlasgow11th JanTalking Vaginismus
A purple book cover with seductive woman looking out - words - Drenched by Tabitha Rayne - foreword by Girl on the Net