Erotica, Orgasms and a fickle libido

Erotica, Orgasms and a fickle libido

So yes, this is a post for the 30 Days Orgasms challenge (ps. it’s *not* a challenge 😉 )

Today I focussed my mind on wanting to have a solo orgasm – I felt good and relaxed about it. I was looking forward to it. I lay down in my bed listening to the rain on the rooflight and watching the fat drops distort clouds through the glass.

I was lovely and comfortable, soft, warm and happy.

I just wasn’t horny.

So, to just start giving myself a little fiddle would have felt forced and wrong. I really wasn’t in the mood for anything as strong as visual porn so I remembered I had a review copy of the new Chemical Sex 2 book. I thought, well, even if I just get five minutes to indulge in some reading, it will be time well spent.

book cover for Chemical sex 2 - just one more... a plate of chocolate is the main image on the cover with a black background
You know you want to…

But, and here’s the thing with good erotica, you get so absorbed in the writing that you don’t notice the arousal creeping up on you. The sudden need to slide your hands down into your pyjamas and feel the rising need there.

It’s such a skillful art – it can bring you up gently, seducing you with clever sexy words and imagery. I am a big fan of Oleander Plume and the Sisters in Smut’s work anyway so knew I was in safe hands – I managed to read the first two stories before the need to come overwhelmed me and it only took about 30 seconds of rubbing through my underwear!

The lovely feeling I had before this session was only enhanced further by the lovely release of oxytocin and memories of the hot stories I’d just read.

If I hadn’t indulged in some delicious erotica this morning, I don’t thing I would have even attempted to have an orgasm.

So today’s lesson is, read some erotica! It’s the best 😀

The book I read isn’t out yet (full review to follow) *update* it IS – {buy link HERE } but Chemical S[ex] volume one is! (One of my favourite anthologies ever) head on over to my book page to find it and lots more erotica. I’m also linking to Wicked Wednesday – a weekly meme where you can find some very hot sexy stories and blogs to satisfy your desires x x this week the prompt is Tantrum – my experience today was the opposite of that but never mind!

See who else is joining in the 30 Days and why not join in yourself!

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7 thoughts on “Erotica, Orgasms and a fickle libido

  1. Um yum – I don’t doubt it was delicious reading. I was watching a TV programme about how women don’t even realise they have GOT aroused, so I know what you mean about it creeping up on you.

    “listening to the rain on the rooflight and watching the fat drops distort clouds through the glass”
    Just give me a break with your fantastic light touch on imagery!! You raise the bar so high! xx

    1. Oh thank you so much Posy! You say such lovely things x x x and yes – sometimes it can be subtle with us gals huh? x x

  2. A lovely piece of writing, and I love that you’ve taken the time for some self care, and that it even was successful too. Thank you for sharing, Tabitha, it’s lovely to have you in Wicked Wednesday again 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. I love you description of how reading good erotica the arousal just creeps up on you. I have never really thought about it like that but you are absolutely right


  4. Loved reading this – and I have those moments when you wanna give it a go but it is not happening. Usually I like to have both my hands free 😉 so i turn to creating a dirty tale in my head rather than reading – but get the same result. I must say I am a fan of all of the Sisters in Smut! x

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