Emergence – The Story of a Painting

Emergence – the story of a painting


Hello and welcome – so I now know how to make gifs so prepare yourself 😀 here’s one I call Emergence



I am forever fretting over my place in this world and what I contribute in terms of actual help to my fellow humans –  do I give enough money, time, love, aid, meaningful political debate, support, joy, fury, opinion… etc etc.

When I am feeling so helpless I’ve lapsed into silence, I paint, or draw or fiddle about with clay. I have always thought art was one of the most important things that humans do. But then doubted the sincerity or quality of my own. I seek out the art of others to soothe my soul and keep me sane but I worry mine is a self indulgent pass time. I write erotic stories that delve into the horrors of our inner demons but worry I alienate readers because of it *spoiler alert* – everybody dies 😀

But recently, I’ve begun to realise that for me, creating things however ‘self indulgent’ it might feel – keeps me level, sane, and helps me to find joy in times when I could lie in my bed and give up to despair.

So here I give you a painting and its Emergence from the blank paper. I could never do this model justice – she is even more beautiful on the inside – a magnificent human being.

And even though I should be doing so many other things… I’m writing this post in the hope that if you ever doubt your own art – please keep doing it and putting it out there – folks like me need it.

It’s hard being a human!

Love and sincerity

Tabitha x x x


6 thoughts on “Emergence – The Story of a Painting

  1. Awww Bless you Tabitha! You’re an amazing lady with amazing talents and I feel honoured to know you 😀 Loving the gif 😉 xxx

  2. Art is IMPORTANT – for the creator and the viewer. Your work always lifts me up, and I hope you never stop creating!

    Love, hugs and kisses to you, my beautiful friend!


    1. Thank you so much Oleander – and you – I love your work so much – all of it.
      I think a lot of creative folks struggle with pushing on through the doubt… but no more! We need all the art we can make right now! Fill the world up with it x x x

  3. Everyone’s creativity is valid and worthwhile… for them! And yours even more so, for all of us. Thank you for sharing, and while doubt is part of every artist’s normal focus, also, shut up 😀 I would give several pints of blood to be able to paint and draw like you.

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