Down in the Woods

Down in the Woods with Ms 40 for Sinful Sunday!

Why hello – all credit for this photo goes once again to the tremendous Exposing 40 and her body positive photography project.

What a lovely way to spend a day – here’s some other recent posts where photos from that outing have featured.

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For more glorious Sinful Sunday photos from all sorts of sex positive peeps, click those luscious lips!

23 thoughts on “Down in the Woods

  1. I do love a little peephole tease, and this even adds a fantasy element to it as well (cabin in the woods)

  2. This is so cool! I love the picture and I also really love whatever that cool little cabin you’re sitting in is. It looks like a secret den – perfect for nakedness =)

  3. Such a lovely . . . teasing photo . . . and a fabulous location. Ms 40’s photos are always fabulous and this is another beautiful example!!!
    Xxx – K

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