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Do As I Say – Prioritising Pleasure!

I’m delighted that my first post for Masturbation Month is all about embracing and prioritising your own pleasure!

Lisa Mackenzie, founder of The Vaginismus Network and Fran Bushe, writer and comedian, are about to embark on a three week challenge to do just that – embrace and prioritise their own pleasure! You can follow along with them on their Insta channels and here’s their introduction:

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Repost @franbushe: FRAN AND LISA PRIORITISE PLEASURE #prioritisepleasure ❤️ Very excited to be starting a challenge with Lisa Mackenzie, founder of the Vaginismus Network tomorrow. • We are two friends who are coming together for a 3 week challenge all about prioritising our pleasure – which we are aptly naming: Fran and Lisa Prioritise Pleasure! • We decided to do this together as we’ve both never been great at prioritising ourselves, our own pleasure and self-care – I guess in the past we’ve been guilty of viewing this type of thing as indulgent or time-consuming. We’re always telling other people how important these things are, so it’s about time we practice what we preach! • Ultimately this is about getting to know ourselves better – in terms of our minds, bodies, and preferences. It’s about feeling sexy and confident in ourselves, and showing ourselves some love. Each day we’ll take it in turn to set a challenge to complete together. Ultimately this is about being in control so we absolutely will veto anything that we don’t feel comfortable with. • So, for tomorrow, day 1 of the challenge, I would like us both to think about our turn-ons and turn-offs. Learning what you like and don’t like is a really great place to start from. I often find I’m just going through the motions and think it might be empowering to actually think about what I like. I’m going to suggest listing 5 of each but there’s no limit…do as much or as little as you fancy ? • Join us tomorrow when we’ll both share how we got on and Lisa will set us our challenge for day 2! #prioritisepleasure #pleasure #selfcare #empowerment #friendship

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For their second challenge they are to get themselves in the sexytime mood by reading some erotica – so I wrote this story about taking your pleasure unashamedly and with gusto, to hopefully help them along!

Do As I Say…

My hand was shaking as I hit send.

Take off your clothes, sit on the chair I’ve placed in the middle of the room, and put on the blindfold provided.

I’d only added the blindfold in at the last second so he wouldn’t be able to see me shaking as I entered. I really was shaking. Luckily, I’d got myself ready before the idea had properly formed so I’d been able to put my make-up on while dreaming up the sexy fantasy rather than the quaking reality.

I decided this morning I was going to take my pleasure in him and dominate him. Who knew whether I’d let him have his or not. It had made me wet to think of him at my mercy, begging for release as I teased him. I’d texted him from the bath a few hours ago, telling him to be ready for a surprise, then I’d shaved my legs and used all my best lotions, buffing my ass cheeks smooth and taking extra care to rub the silky cream right in.

There’s something so incredibly sexy about watching women dab perfume behind their ears so I paid attention to my own actions as I pulled my hair to the side and tipped my head to apply one little squirt of Chanel. Just a little—I didn’t want to overpower my own natural perfumes, my pheromones, which surely by now must be oozing from every pore. It had taken all my strength not to reach down to my pussy and frig myself off. Basically, from when the idea had taken shape this morning, I’d been edging myself all day in my own mind. Visions of fuck imposing themselves on my every move. At one point I wondered if this is what being a sex addict felt like.

Stockings. Now there’s something I love seducing myself with. The slide and tug all the way from your tippy toes right up to the snappers where your thigh meets your bum. Every moment is a tease. I’d ordered a pair of French Heels for a party we were meant to go to.

It felt strange dressing up to stay in. But it also felt very necessary indeed.

Finally, I clipped my hair with a vintage bobby pin and put on my pearls. The sheer slip dress clung to my body and as I watched, my nipples beaded beneath the silk right under my gaze. Another wave of arousal spread to my abdomen then pussy and I licked my lips, tasting the cherry gloss and shuddered.

It was time.

I stood and smoothed myself down, checking myself out one last time then went to the door. I twisted the handle and pulled it open just a crack—enough to see him sitting there, facing away from me, but he hadn’t followed every instruction.

Yes, he was naked, good boy, but he could see.

“Put on your blindfold,” I said and he started to twist his body to where my voice was coming from. I yanked the door shut with a slam and raised my tone. “I said, put on your blindfold. I will not leave this room until you tell me you have.”

I was panting. Adrenaline was high already. I’d never done anything like this and clearly I was enjoying it, even with my haphazard technique. Moisture and heat grew in my knickers and I squeezed my hips from side to side to elevate the sensations.

“Ready,” he called out, and I could sense a smile in his voice. Hmmm, I didn’t know what to think about that. He’d better be taking my commands seriously or there’d be consequences.

I opened the door fully this time, confident he’d have done as he’d been told.

And he had. Jesus. The early evening sun was streaming in, bathing him in a delicious dreamy light. My pussy twitched as I watched him shift in the chair, obviously straining to hear for my footsteps.

“Eyes to the front,” I said, my breath catching as I came to the side, then to the front, drinking in his beauty. I can’t remember ever having studied him in this way before. I take in the sight of his strong high-arched feet, so manly and proud looking—his gait had always fascinated me, purposeful yet chilled. A man with inner confidence and at complete peace with who he was as a person.

Oh to feel like that.

Actually, today, in these clothes with this attitude, I felt an edge of something I didn’t know was in me. I wanted him to worship me. I wanted his entire focus to be on me.

His shins, his thighs, the thatch of dark curls at his crotch and his cock, already hard, standing proud to greet me and making no mistake about how he was feeling about the situation. He was holding on to the underside of the chair just as I had imagined and it was the perfect scene.

“Stella?” he asked, and I realised how silent I’d been.

“I’m here,” I said and stepped forward, bending to reach my index finger to his lips. “No talking, and keep your hands exactly where they are.” I pressed his cupid’s bow then slipped down, pushing a little and he opened his mouth, darting his tongue out to meet my touch. I gently rubbed his bottom lip and he caught my finger, pulling it inside where he sucked on it and I let him. But just for a moment, so he got it good and wet and I groaned a little before snatching it out. “That’s enough.”

I sucked on it myself, then another, loving the taste and the weird rudeness of pushing my own fingers deep into my mouth, pulsing in and out staring at him while he couldn’t see.

My pussy was on fire, all the nerve endings set alight by the wet sheen he’d created on his lip and I was suddenly ravenous for him. I straddled his right thigh, pulling my knickers to the side and rubbed my soaking pussy on his muscular flesh. Oh god, I felt like a cat in heat and he groaned in a way that spurred me on. I jerked my pelvis back and forward thrusting my entire vulva on his leg, it felt great to smear my juices all over him—as if marking my territory.

By the way his head was tipped back and his dick was pulsing, he was definitely enjoying it too. Fuck yeah.

I reached up to his throat, wrapping my fingers around it, feeling his Adam’s apple, then up to his mouth which was slack, hanging open in rapture. I cupped his chin and pushed three fingers in and onto his tongue. He moaned and lifted his head up to suck on my fingers, drawing them in deep and fucking them with his mouth. It was hot as hell and I humped his leg harder, my clit getting all the attention it needed. A surging sensation rose in my abdomen, like a tickle or that moment before you sneeze, unff, it was delicious. I stared at the way his lips worked around my hand and I fucked his thigh harder, building the need. I pulled out and reached down to his crotch, wrapping my fingers around his rigid cock. My god, he was hard. I gripped him tight and firm and held on to the back of the chair with my other hand to get greater purchase.

Both our breaths were ragged—noises mewling and groaning from us. I tugged his meat up and down feeling like a filthy hungry cunt desperate for release.

“Ah fuck yeah,” I said, convulsing and needing to feast on something—my teeth and lips found his neck and I began to nibble and devour his flesh, driving him crazy.

My hand was working him hard up and down in time with my own thrusting and as I licked, fucked frigged and forced myself on him, my pussy twitched and surged and with one last thrust, I started to come. I stilled my hand and released his neck as my body went straight and stiff, everything falling silent as I held my breath and clenched my cunt hard. I stared at this open sexy fucking mouth and let my pussy release.

I came. I came hard, catching the wave of the climax I humped even more frantically than before, desperate, hard, wanton. I rubbed out my orgasm on his thigh over and over again as he cried out, begging me to finish him off but I kept my hand still and took my selfish pleasure on his body.

I slumped on him, his cock still hard spearing my fist and I spasmed and panted as he twitched, urging me to wank him off.

I waited for all my aftershocks and jerking to subside, then clambered off and released his cock. I righted my knickers and slip then leaned in to kiss him.

He tipped his head up to try and catch more than I was willing to give.

“Naughty boy,” I said.

I bit my lip as I padded through to my bedroom and threw myself onto the bed giggling into the duvet and pillows. I couldn’t quite believe what I’d just done.

I picked up my phone and sent another text…

Wishing everyone a fabulous Masutbation Month and a big extra hug to Lisa, Fran and everyone else Prioritising Pleasure this May!

Follow along at the Vag Network Insta! The Vag Network is dedicated to connecting, empowering and supporting those with vaginismus.

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Enjoy and may you always be prioritising pleasure!

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