Discontented but Still in the Pink

Discontented but Still in the Pink

Happy 1st of September! I’m discontented (as usual) but in a very good way!

The Sinful Sunday prompt is ‘pink’ – the sofa is pink but I went for black and white so the title is important.

I am in the pink because I’m feeling great! And I bought a little motorbike – I guess it’s a big scooter – one or the other – I knew it would be my gateway bike and I’d want to get a bigger one but I didn’t realise it would be two days after I bought the first one!

So I am discontented but overjoyed that I finally have a set of two wheels 😉

Kiss those lips to see who else is in the pink this Sunday!

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16 thoughts on “Discontented but Still in the Pink

  1. Glad you got some wheels, Tabitha, maybe they will free you. Happy to see you in the pink, even if it’s only in b&w.

    Be careful on your bike, and don’t tell your parents you got one. My daughter rode a big BMW when she lived in San Francisco and I held my breath until she sold it. Two years is a long time to hold your breath.

  2. This is one of my favorite photos this week. It’s cute that the sofa is pink but your photo is in b&w. But mostly I just love the composition, the light and dark, the way your body is so open and inviting, and yet there is a bit hidden too. The helmet is awesome, you look so sexy in it. You look strong – and yet there is so much soft and delicate about this photo. It is good to read that you are happy about having two wheels. Lovely!!! x

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  4. Lovely Tabitha, this is so you but I echo Elliott’s advice to take care.
    You – lady – deserve to be happy and you’re getting more rock’n’roll every minute!

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