The Cold Breath of Night

The Cold Breath of Night – an erotic short story


Quick disclaimer –  I’m tagging it as a Wicked Wednesday post, however it’s not really playing by the rules as it’s over the word count and is a re-edited version of a previous story… Buuuuut, I’m still pointing you to Wicked Wednesday because the prompt this week is Halloween and the round up judge is the ever awesome Ella Scandarella who writes the most sublime spooky erotica. You’ll be in for many sexy (trick or) treats!


So please, relax and get your sexy Halloween horn on with this dark, erotic lesbian vampire tale…


The Cold Breath of The Night


Leah shivered as the warm liquid trickled down her inner thigh. She breathed in, smiling to herself as she pressed a finger into the tender wounds. The stain spread over her tattered skirt and she pressed harder, hoping to summon the fear and euphoria of only a few hours ago.

Leah watched the chill of the night rise from the earth in a fine mist as the first rays of daylight flitted through the branches. Only hours ago she had been innocent. Unworldly – no, un-otherworldly. She wondered whether she should mourn the passing of this innocence but felt the sublime trickle of blood lick its way down her flesh once more.

No, she was glad she had been initiated into this night time world.

She felt tired but knew she must make the most of the sun for soon, she would be like Maudra.

Leah had taken a late stroll to shake off the annoyance of having to move back in with her parents after a job and relationship had soured leaving her homeless, heartbroken and penniless. It had been OK, her parents were honeys, but she was a woman with her own ambitions and wants. Very big wants. Very noisy wants.

Dusk fell as she walked up the path to the woods just outside town. She didn’t notice a dark-haired woman watching her from behind an old tree. Leah was immersed in her own thoughts when a cloaked figure suddenly appeared right in front of her.

“Sorry?” Leah cocked her head towards the tall woman. “What did you say?” Leah was stunned when the face remained as still as glass but a voice spoke.

“I didn’t say anything. Hush now, there’s no need to speak.”

The voice was as rich as velvet but as sheer as silk. It took Leah’s breath away and she obeyed and fell silent. Leah stared into the woman and was mesmerised by her wolf-like piercing eyes. She felt compelled to touch her and reached out a trembling hand.

“Not now.” The voice seemed to slap Leah’s hand away. “Come.”

Leah was in a strange state, she couldn’t think if she was dreaming or drugged but she knew that this beautiful and fearful creature had her under some sort of spell. She followed willingly, a heat rising in her lower belly counteracted the chill of the voice. The warmth spread as a hand pressed in to her lower back urging her forward. She gasped and glanced behind her but nothing was there. The hooded woman never looked back.

“Keep up,” said the voice and the hand pressed more firmly.

Leah thought she felt it slide lower and a flush of desire welled in her stomach. She let out a tiny murmur.

“I said quiet!” snapped the voice once more.

A sensation of a second hand clamped itself hard over Leah’s lips. She breathed dramatically through her nose and kept her arms by her sides. She knew instinctively that she would have to surrender to this being and it turned her on furiously. She pressed her thighs together as she walked trying to catch the fabric of her skirt between to give her some kind of friction. The ground was getting rocky as they made their way through the thickening trees and darkness and she tripped to the ground, grazing her knees on the gravelly path.

As she struggled to get up, the hand at her back slid down and pushed on her buttocks until she was upright once more. It stayed there and Leah felt her arousal blaze as the fingers massaged her arse cheeks while she walked. She arched her back a little and exaggerated her swagger to show the hand she was enjoying it. To her joy, the fingers began to knead her buttocks, squeezing her panties and skirt into her flesh. It was exhilarating and Leah shifted her gait to open her legs. The force kept rubbing and pressing and Leah’s pussy twitched in anticipation for a stray finger or two.

As the thought formed in her mind, the cloaked woman looked round with a wicked smile. The pressure of the hand on her mouth intensified and Leah tried to bite at it through her squashed lips. At once the figure flew at her and she was thrown backwards to a tree. She felt a chill reach her soul as the woman pressed right up against her.

“Behave,” the voice hissed, “all in good time.”

But Leah caught the woman’s eyes flit to her chest. She breathed in to push her breasts higher forcing her stiffening nipples into her captor’s view.

It worked. Leah watched the wolf eyes drink her in. She sensed the presence of another phantom hand rip her blouse open and tug her breast free from her bra. She gazed at her own nipple harden as it was rolled and tweaked by invisible fingers while the woman watched. Leah felt a shift in power and opened her legs. The hand that had been working on her arse snaked its way down the back of her leg to the hem of her skirt and slowly slid it up over her thighs like a gentle lover would. Just as she was getting used to these tender caresses, the hand over her mouth released her long enough for Leah to catch her breath.

She gulped in oxygen and let out an excited giggle. The hand gripped her at once under her jaw and pinned her by the neck to the tree. Leah’s own hands shot up to try and prise the digits apart but the strength was supernatural. She held on and suddenly the hand up under her skirt roughly grabbed her panties and ripped them off casting them to the ground. Leah felt hot and horny and opened her legs wider to expose her naked pussy to the night. It had the right effect and Leah stared at the woman staring at her.

“What’s your name?” Leah whispered as seductively as she could. The warmth from her breath reached out to the white face of the woman who seemed to suck in the vapour of the words.

“Maudra.” This time her eyes met Leah’s.

“Show yourself to me.” Leah was shocked by her own boldness and even more so when she saw Maudra’s delicate ethereal fingers toy with the golden catch of her cape. The hand between Leah’s legs slowly and lusciously began to stroke and part her lips. Leah could imagine her moist juices glistening in the moonlight and it made her ache to be touched. Maudra’s cape fell to the earth and there stood the most beautiful sight Leah had ever witnessed. Maudra’s flesh was as pale and luminous as moonlight itself and she was as poised as a ballerina. Her breasts were perfect and Leah’s mouth watered as she watched the tiny buds pucker, desperate to be touched. The fingers at her pussy slowly begin to probe into her entrance. She twitched as her want started to pulse through her clit and engulf her pussy and arse. “Stroke yourself,” she commanded and her eyes widened as Maudra slid her hands onto her abdomen and up, cupping both breasts and squeezing her nipples. Leah mirrored her movements and was soon massaging her own tits along with the hands. It felt sublime to be clasping and unclasping and massaging what felt like a thousand fingers.

Suddenly a hard shaft shoved deep into her. Her legs wobbled and she staggered a little but the hand around her neck held her fast. Her pussy walls bucked and twitched as the phantom hand thrust in and out again and again.

“Harder!” Leah shrieked as her juices engulfed the fingers and spilled out onto her thighs. She put her own fingers to her lips and sucked on them to get them good and wet before diving them down into the cleft of her pussy onto her clit. The fingers seemed to be expanding and filling her more deeply than she’d ever been penetrated before.

Maudra was watching everything licking her lips and exposing her teeth.

Leah felt the rush well deep inside her cunt and closed her eyes to concentrate on her rising want.

“Stop!” the icy voice commanded.

All motion ceased and Leah stood panting and frustrated still pinned to the tree and impaled on the hand. She could have wept and tried to grind the satisfaction she craved from the fingers that were still deep inside her.

“I said, be still!” Maudra’s eyes had turned black and sinister and Leah felt all the life drain from the air around her. The world around went still and silent as Maudra stood with her arms aloft.

Leah’s heart raced and all the hairs on her body stood on end. She watched as Maudra sank exquisitely to her knees before her, moonlight striking her perfect skin.

Maudra flicked her long hair over her back and looked up at Leah. Leah began to shake as she watched the darkness in her eyes grow in intensity.

“Now for the main event.”

Leah held her breath as a wicked laugh emanated from the surrounding forest. She was terrified but completely and utterly turned on. She clenched the hand tight within her pussy and waited for what was to come. Maudra smiled, slowly and carefully exposing her eye teeth. They were sharp and piercing and Leah went limp at the sight. Maudra placed her hands between Leah’s thighs and pushed them apart even further.

“Mmmm, you’ve done well, my darlings.”

Leah knew she was talking to the ghostly hands and realised now that she had never been in control. Maudra smoothed out the skin on Leah’s right inner thigh, stroking and caressing it with long black fingernails. Leah shivered as the hand inside her begin to pulse. She let out a low groan from deep in her throat as Maudra flashed her one last smile and sank her teeth into Leah’s flesh.

Leah tried to struggle but the fight left her as utter sublimity took over her being. The blood and warmth drained from her body, but was replaced with a surging dark desire. The deepest and most terrifying arousal overtook her and the thrusting in her cunt matched the suckling at her thigh. Harder and harder Maudra drank and Leah lashed her fingers into her hair and pulled her deeper and deeper into her giving herself to this dark creature of the night.

Again and again the hand fucked her and life drained away as her climax rose and crashed over them both in a pulsing shrieking crescendo.

Maudra pulled out of Leah and let her head fall back on to her shoulders, blood smearing her lips and dripping on to her pale, pale chest. The hands left her too. She wiped her face with the back of her arm and rose up to face Leah.

Leah grasped her by her hair and violently pulled her to her lips. She kissed the mouth of the vampire that had almost taken her life and sucked greedily on her tongue and lips. She traced the sharp spikes of her suckling teeth and winced as she felt them slice into her probing tongue. Leah tasted the tingling iron of her own blood on Maudra and it turned her on once more. She reached down roughly and dove her hand between Maudra’s legs.

Maudra staggered as Leah quickly found her target and roughly shoved three fingers deep into the vampire’s hot wet cunt.

Maudra pulled away from Leah’s kisses and threw her head back. Leah kissed and nibbled and bit at her neck, ravenous for her flesh. She stooped down and began licking and nibbling between Maudra’s succulent pussy lips. She tasted of wickedness and blood and Leah was hungry for her. She thrust her tongue and fingers harder into the vampire again and again until she felt the surge come and engulf her in heat and liquid. Maudra collapsed to the earth and wrapped herself back up into her cape.

“How can I be like you?” asked Leah when they’d got their breath back.

“You can’t be like me.”

Leah thought Maudra looked sad, but it was fleeting.

“There’s no one like me.” she smiled wickedly. “But you have changed. You are not an innocent anymore.”

“Can I come back?”


Leah looked to the horizon where the eerie blue of morning hinted over the night. When she looked back, Maudra was gone. She tucked her blouse back in to her skirt and tried her best to smooth down the tatty fabric. She lifted her face to the rising sun and with her breath misting in the morning air, began to walk home.


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