#BOAW2018 – A Gift to Myself

Hello and welcome to Beauty of a Woman Blogfest 2018!

A big inspiring blog festival from August McLaughlan and her Girl Boner celebrating the joys of being a woman and the wonders of our sexuality. See the other inspiring entries at the BOAW2018 official page.

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You can read my previous posts here – BOAW2016 & BOAW2017


And so to this year!

I’ve called my piece,

A Gift to Myself


I’ve always been troubled with my own perception of myself. I feel clumsy and awkward in my skin, I’ve always felt I take up too much space – not just physically but in my expression and chat. I will suddenly go quiet and put the conversation back on to you, so I don’t take up your time…

That’s why this blog and my writing is so important to me. I can express myself in any way I want here, I can write long rambling posts or simply put up a nude photo of myself. I’ve learned to occupy this space fully and am learning with every new post I write to do so without self censorship or worrying that I’ve nothing interesting to say, or that I’m taking up too much time or space. It’s my little home here in this big old universe and I’m feeling happy within it.

There’s another place in time and space where I can go and all my inhibitions and self doubts are eliminated. That one place I can be me, fully present in the moment – a point of unity in my mind, body and soul. And that place, is orgasm.

In all my life, for all my guilt, self doubt and anxiety, I’ve always been able to give myself that gift guilt free and uninhibited. I’m truly grateful for that unencumbered part of myself that can just let go and take me to that place of ultimate pleasure and zen.

When I look back at my life and all the complexities within my own mind, I am actually astonished by this fact. I am learning now that this actually symbolises a very strong and badass part of myself. To give myself this ultimate sensual pleasure is liberating. My Girl Boner moment!

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Win a Ruby Glow with BOAW2018

It has helped me to forge ahead with things like my erotic writing and inventing the Ruby Glow (my award winning ride on vibrator – it’s also a prize this year!). And with this wonderful community of amazing women, I feel empowered indeed.


Thank you to August for hosting Beauty Of A Woman once again – love you and your joyfully positive blog

Remember and pop over to August’s site between now and March 9th for more posts and chances to win prizes – including your very own Ruby Glow!


Lots of love from

Tabitha x x x


13 thoughts on “#BOAW2018 – A Gift to Myself

  1. I understand all too well feeling too big for your body. I know I have a big personality and strong voice. I, too, am not everyone’s shot of whiskey, and I’m grateful! I love that we are all such different and diverse individuals. Wahoo on censorless orgasms! Sex empowerment is both huge and rare! Go, you!

  2. Oh, I relate to this, Tabitha! Knowing that you’ve felt like “too much” encourages me, as does every person who feels like they take up too much space while I sit there thinking, “YOU? No, never. Please share MORE of you, not less!” Because I’ve felt the same. Darn. Way. So many times in my life. (It’s the theme of one of my WIPs.) I also relate to creating spaces where you can freely and more comfortably express yourself. Beyond that, I’m grateful for the spaces you’ve created, because it’s allowed me and so many others to connect with and learn from you! Thank you for the magic you bring to the world.

    1. Thank you so much August – so in awe of all that you do for us! You and Girl Boner are a powerhouse of empowerment and I love you x x

  3. Wow! I love this post. So beautifully written, especially this: “There’s another place in time and space where I can go and all my inhibitions and self doubts are eliminated. That one place I can be me, fully present in the moment – a point of unity in my mind, body and soul. And that place, is orgasm.” There is so much I like about your post, I don’t know where to begin but perhaps it is with your “point of unity,” such a gorgeous way to describe orgasm. I won’t forget it. Also, I’m fascinated by your Ruby Glow. I think it’s brilliant. And so generous of you to donate it as a prize. Again, wonderful post. Thank you.

  4. I started writing a blog post on what orgasm means to me the other day, and I wholeheartedly agree with you saying, “a point of unity in my mind, body and soul” – I use the phrase “grounding” but you’ve described it much more eloquently.

  5. Love this post. Yes orgasm is a gift indeed. A powerful life force of creativity as you so eloquently mentioned your erotic writing. I am a spiritual erotica writer. I will read your work. I would be honored if you read mine too. So glad I found your writing! <3 Thank you!

  6. I too struggle with self censorship and thinking that I have nothing interesting to say. The more I get to know myself and appreciate all of the weird and random things that make me, me, the more interesting I realize I am! It’s truly wonderful that you’ve found your place of zen and can give yourself such an important gift, completely guilt free 🙂 BTW the Ruby Glow looks awesome! Thank you for creating such an inclusive product! Happy Festing!!!

    1. So lovely to meet you Erica – and thank you about Ruby Glow too!
      Thank you for organsing the festival this year with August – I love you guys’ energy x x

  7. I clicked through to read the reviews – and learned that my suspicion was true. I am not the only writer who gets turned on by those sexy scenes. I need one of these. As a prize, or as a purchase, if I can get it stateside…but I need one!

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